How Much Does a Domain Name Cost?

The question, “how much does a domain name cost,” is one that elicits a wide range of responses. Domains are, without a doubt, an important first step in every Web Hosting adventure. I have previously written an article in which I mention the difficulties that can arise when choosing a domain. Not long ago, I received an inquiry from one reader concerning the cost of a Domain Name. As I have already mentioned, a domain is the starting point in your quest to create your own website or blog. Confusion, however, surrounds the true cost of a Domain. Its not much, but its something that I thought I should explain for the sake of beginners. So, how much does a domain name cost?

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The Cost of a Domain Name

If you are looking to purchase a domain for your site, you can generally expect the following;

Free Domains

A large number of the web hosting companies that are out there offer free Domain Name Registrations with their hosting plans. This is great, particularly for beginners who are looking to make savings. The table above shows a number of the web hosts that offer free domains with their web hosting plans;

Are Free Domain Offers for Life?

One of the things that you need to understand is that the free domain registrations are usually only good for the first year of your web hosting plan. Afterwards, you can expect to pay the market price for domain name renewal.

This can be confusing to some people. Suddenly, that web hosting plan, which looked so attractive at the beginning, begins to assume its true colors. In any case, it is important for you to make sure that you understand that you will have to pay, at the end of a year, to renew your domain.

How Much Does Domain Name Renewal Cost?

The good news is that it does not take that much for you to renew your Domain Name. Domain name renewals, on average, cost around $13 dollars per year. Although this is not enough to break the bank, it does add to the costs that are associated with Web Hosting.

Web Hosts that Charge for a Domain

In order to fully answer the question, “How much does a domain cost,” it is important for me to point out that quite a number of the Web Hosting companies that are out there charge a small amount for initial Domain Registration.

InterServer, the company with which this blog is hosted, charges an initial $1.99 for Domain Registration. Bluehost is another company that does not offer free domain registrations. The company charges $12.95 for Domain Registrations.


So, how much does a Domain Name Cost? The answer to that question is, as I have already mentioned; “Domain name costs largely depend on the company from which you intend to purchase a hosting plan.” There are Web Hosting Services Providers out there that offer the service for free. However, this should not be the primary of your considerations when choosing a web host. The cost of a domain is low enough that you should not sacrifice your site’s performance for the sake of getting a free domain. You can read my article on the things that you need to consider when choosing a web host to find out more.

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