How do I Connect DSTV to the Internet?

Yes, DSTV decoders can be connected to the internet. So, if you were wondering, this is something that you are definitely able to do. The service has been around for a long time. There is, however, a catch. You need to have an Explora decoder to be able to get the benefits of connecting DSTV to the internet. Your ordinary DSTV decoder is not going to be able to do anything. So, how do you go about connecting DSTV to the internet?

What do I need to connect my DSTV to the Internet?

In order to connect your DSTV to the internet, you need the following;

  1. A DSTV Explora decoder
  2. A DSTV Wifi Connector.
  3. Internet connectivity in your home. It’s best to have an unlimited data plan.

What is a DSTV WiFi Connector and how does it work?

The DSTV WiFi Connector is a gadget that enables you to connect your DSTV Explora decoder to the internet. It does this by linking the Explora decoder to your home’s WiFi router.

How much does a DSTV WiFi Connector cost?

The DSTV WiFi connector costs R199. You can buy one at HiFi Corp at that price. You should be able to find it at other shops as well.

What happens when I connect my DSTV to the internet?

Connecting your DSTV Explora decoder to the internet opens up your home to a completely new world of entertainment. Along with the usual shows that you were getting with your subscription, you will now gain access to DSTV Connected Services. DSTV Connected Services has;

  • DSTV Catch Up Plus
  •  Showmax


That’s it. Hope I have given you all the information that you need to connect your DSTV to the internet. The purpose is to unlock extra programs that are part of DSTV connected services. If you have a comment, don’t hesitate to leave it in the section below.

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