How are used Japanese Cars Shipped Around the World?

The moment that you purchase a used Japanese vehicle, Be Forward, or any of the other companies that sell exjaps, begins the process of having it transported to your location. Let’s assume, as an example, that you are in Zimbabwe. How does the car get to you across so many miles of roiling ocean (more than 13000km by ship)? How are used Japanese Cars Shipped around the world? 

Your Vehicle is Transported to Zimbabwe on a Ship

The cars that we buy from Japan, used or new, are usually transported around the world on Ships. Remember that Japan is one of the biggest auto-making countries in the world, meaning the people over there are pretty much experienced as far as transporting vehicles is concerned.

What type of Ship is used to transport exjaps to Africa

The ships that are used to transport used Japanese cars to Africa are pretty amazing, as you can see in the video below. They are what are referred to as RORO ships. RORO stands for roll-on/roll-off.

How are vehicles loaded onto the ships?

As the name implies, the vehicle that you buy from Japan is actually driven onto the ship. That’s the roll-on part. When it arrives at its destination port, it is driven off, which accounts for the roll-off part.

How many cars can a RORO ship carry?

You will discover that when you buy your vehicle, you may have to wait a couple of days before the ship sets sail. That’s because these ships are huge, and they are not going to move simply because you have made your purchase. That’s why its so important for you to be patient when you decide to buy a vehicle from Japan.

Indeed, we mention in another article that it takes between 6 and 8 weeks for your vehicle to arrive in Zimbabwe. The duration may be higher or lower, depending on the country to which your car is being shipped. So, how many cars are packed onto a single RoRo Ship?

The biggest RORO ship that’s out there, the Hoegh Target, carries a staggering 8500 cars. So, yours is but a spec of dust in this massive vessel.

Once the ship is loaded

Once the ship is loaded, it will begin the long journey to Zimbabwe, or to any other port in the world. The good news is that your vehicle is well secured on the ship, meaning nothing will probably happen to it on the way to its destination.

How are used Japanese Cars Shipped: Tracking the ship

Another great thing is that it’s entirely possible for you to track the progress of the ship from Japan to Durban or any other port. There are many ship tracking services out there, and you shouldn’t have problems finding one.

How is the car transported from the port to its destination

Once your car arrives at Durban port, it is driven off the ship. Then it is loaded onto one of those car carrying trucks. In my case, I had chosen Plumtree as the place where I wanted to collect my car. My Corolla was thus loaded onto the truck and was carried to Plumtree via Botswana. As soon as it arrived, I was notified and, the following day, I went to collect it.

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