Google Search Console Gets a Complete Redesign

The year 2018 begins with the a bit of good news from Google, following the unveiling of the new look Search Console, which departs from the spartan layout of yesteryear and should give webmasters around the globe a host of new and old features. Google Search Console, which used to be called Google Webmaster Tools, is a great way through which you can monitor and manage your site’s presence on Google Search.

Benefits of Google’s Redesigned Search Console

From a Search Engine Optimization point of view, Google Search Console provides a wealth of data that webmasters have, for years, used to give their sites an edge, amidst the cutthroat competitiveness that is the World Wide Web. Search Console comes with the following SEO benefits;

  • It provides metrics on visitors to your site. This is useful, in that it allow you to have a better understanding of your performance on the world’s foremost Search Engine.
  • It identifies problems on your website.
  • Broken pages on your site are also identified
  • Presents you with data on your site’s indexing.
  • Notifies you when issues have been identified on your site
  • Notifies you when actions have been taken by Google against your site. An example would be if a malware warning has been issued for your site.
  • Shows you all the websites that have linked to your content.

New Features

Google Search Console has been completely redesigned, and now comes with a number of new features;

  • The ability to confirm the pages on your website that have been indexed
  • Information on how to correct identified errors
  • A retention of 16 months of data on your Google performance

Its all Free

The great thing about Google Search Console is that it provides you with a wealth of data completely free of charge. The information that you get is the same information that many are actually paying for by purchasing some of the wide variety of SEO tools that can be found out there.

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