The Eternal Struggle to Remain Healthy

One of the reasons, if one takes a skeptical view, why there are so many pot bellies floating around out there is because the living has, over the past few years, actually become very good. I know, crazy doctors will tell you that we no longer lead healthy lifestyles, but the fact remains that we now live way longer than we did a couple of decades ago. Things have never been this good.

We no longer have to chase after our food

It used to be, a few hundred years ago, that a human being that wished to eat actually had to pick up spear and axe and go hunting for food. I know, people today cannot imagine themselves running after an antelope or fleeing from a lion right where Time Square is. It would have been called Time jungle then or Time Forest. Or even Time Nothing.

In any case, the jungle still exists today and it has spawned mammon and pot bellies. There are now so many ways of hunting that it is no longer necessary to brutally butcher a wild animal in order to get something to eat. Today, we brutally butcher domestically raised animals, most of which have been genetically modified to grow faster.

Recipe for obesity

What more could humanity want? Food has become so readily available that we are always throwing some away. Its a real recipe for pot bellies. Okay, before someone starts accusing me of being anti pot belly, I actually have to confess that I have the beginnings of one. I am also probably pre-diabetic and prehypertensive, but who gives a damn, right?

Self Control

One of the reasons why I have remained in the pre-one-illness-or-the-other stage is probably because I actually have a little bit of self control over what I eat. Sometimes, it is hard though. I have met people who positively drool at the sight of food. And because there is, nowadays, so much of it, what can a man do other than  have another healthy potion?

The sizzle in Hell

If abusing food had been one of the ten commandments, most people would be on a one way train to the opposite of Heaven. You know, the place where there is this guy who stands with a pitchfork while deep frying bad guy?

My own sin

The reason why I am wallowing on the verge of a health disaster probably has to do with the fact that I don’t see any reason why I should run around in circles, or even in a straight line, as if I don’t know what I am doing. I mean, what’s the point of lifting heavy metal weights or running aimless in the same place.

This scenario, it is safe to say, applies to the majority of human beings who haven’t yet keeled over from the  effects of bad living. A typical day for most of us involves waking up, walking less than ten meters to and from the bathroom and getting into a car to head to work.

A typical office worker parks his or her car no more than 20 meters from the office. All in all, I believe, on some days, I walk less than hundred meters. And most of that distance is actually covered on trips to the toilet.


Exercising is actually good, but it is only for those who do not have better things to do. I mean, I spend the whole day shifting my behind in an office chair while staring at a computer. Now, that is hard work!

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