DSTV Decoder Comparison Chart

Here is our DSTV Decoder comparison chart. The chart is meant to make it easy for you to buy the best DSTV decoder for you home or office. The table below compares DSTV decoders in terms of pricing, recording hours and other features.

Comparison of DSTV Decoders

Please read the following recommendations before buying a new DSTV decoder. If you rush to buy, you may get a piece of equipment that is no longer supported.

Decoder TypePricePVR

Buy Newer DSTV Decoder Models

We advice our readers to buy the latest DSTV decoder models to avoid redundancy. As an example, we advice people to buy the DSTV Explora 3 decoder when compared to the DSTV Explora 2. The two decoders are pretty much the same in terms of features and price. Feel free to read our DSTV Explora 3 Review to find out what you will be getting.

The people being sold new old model decoders is rife in countries such as Zimbabwe. Unscrupulous dealers there will sell you old model DSTV decoders. As an example, someone could try and sell you DSTV decoder models 660, 720, 720i, 910, 933 or 990.

These are all decoders from a previous era. They may still work, but they will not be supported by DSTV in the event of faults. You also need to move with the times. For Single Viewing, you need to get the HD Single View Decoder. This offers connectivity via HDMI and is a great way to ensure that you get HD shows without the shows that associated with the DSTV Explora.

Our Rating System Explained

The rationale behind our rating system in this DSTV decoder comparison is that newer models are always better. This applies whether or not the DSTV decoder that you are getting is still supported or is at the end of it’s life. But why do we favor newer models?

  • You get more features
  • Viewing tends to be better on newer model DSTV decoders. The new single view decoder, as an example, now comes with the HD option.
  • Newer models will get you the longest in terms of support.
  • New DSTV decoders are faster in terms of boot times.
  • Should something happen to your decoder, you have a better chance of getting it repaired if it’s a new model.

Five Stars

You will notice in the above DSTV decoder comparison table that we gave 5 stars to the DSTV Explora 3A and to the HD Single View decoders. That’s because these are the latest models from DSTV. The Explora 3A is the best model for those that are looking to record live TV, while the HD Single View decoder works great for those that simply wish to watch TV without recording.

Which Type of DSTV Decoder Should I Buy?

If you are looking to buy a new DSTV decoder, it is advisable to buy the DSTV Explora 3A if you are looking for a decoder that allows you to record and rewind live television. For those that wish to enjoy great TV without recording, it is advised to get the DSTV HD SIngle View decoder.

What if I find other types at a cheaper price?

So, what if you find other DSTV decoder types at a cheaper price? Should you just buy them since they still work?

Recommendation for Single View Decoders

For the Single View decoder, our recommendation is that you should NOT but any type other than the DSTV HD Single View. Even if you find any other earlier type of DSTV decoder at a cheaper price, please don’t buy it. You will only be setting yourself up for grief by doing so. Don’t even buy models 1131 and 1110 which can still be repaired by DSTV. Always buy the latest model, and that’s currently the DSTV Single View decoder

Recommendation for PVR Decoders

Things are bit complicated when it comes to the DSTV decoders that come with recording functionality. Here, the DSTV decoder comparison is not always clear-cut. So, what do you do should you stumble upon an old decoder in this category that’s offered at a cheap price? Please, follow the recommendations in the table below;

Decoder TypeRecommendation if cheaper than the DSTV Explora 3A
DStv Explora (Model 2A)Buy
DStv ExploraOnly buy if way cheaper
HD PVR 2UDon’t buy
HD PVR 2PDon’t buy
HD PVR 4 Tuner (Pace)Don’t buy
HD PVR 4 Tuner (UEC)Don’t buy
SD PVRDon’t buy

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