Does DSTV Access Get you DSTV Now?

DSTV Now is a must have for all DSTV subscribers out there. If you have a DSTV subscription and you are not using DSTV Now, then you have really been missing out. Okay, you do need to have reliable and low cost internet to make it work, but internet is becoming cheaper and cheaper these days. The great thing about DSTV Now is that it allows you to watch your favorite shows either on your laptop or on your Android or iOS device. You can also download shows that you may have missed. But, who can use DSTV Now? Is the service available for all DSTV subscribers? Is DSTV Now available for DSTV Access, which is the entry level bouquet from DSTV?

DSTV Now is Available for All DSTV Subscribers

The good news is that DSTV Now is available for all DSTV subscribers. It doesn’t matter that you have subscribed to the entry level DSTV Access bouquet or the most expensive bouquet, DSTV Premium. Whatever your package, you will be able to access DSTV Now.

Are DSTV Now shows the same for all bouquets?

This is where things begin to get different. DSTV Now shows are not the same for all DSTV bouquets. What happens is that with DSTV Now, you get channels that are more or less similar to what you have on the package for which you have subscribed. If you have subscribed for DSTV Access, then you will get channels that are in that bouquet when you use DSTV Now on your phone.

You also get DSTV Catch Up

For DSTV Access subscribers, the one major difference between the experience that you get when watching using a TV and watching on your smartphone is that DSTV Now gives you access to DSTV Catch Up. DSTV Catch Up allows you to download and watch shows that you may have missed. So, you can download movies and series, as an example.

You will then be able to watch them on your smartphone. Note that this service is only available when using the DSTV Now app. So, you will not be able to download anything when watching via your browser on your computer. A solution to that would be to get an Android emulator, but it’s not an elegant solution.

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