BSNL WiFi Password Change: How to do it

Do you wish to do a BSNL WiFi password change? If yes, then this article is what you have been looking for. BSNL is one of the biggest companies in the telecommunications sector in India. Millions of people use this company for broadband internet. If you are one of these people, you may be looking to learn how to change your BSNL WiFi password. This is something that you should do occasionally to protect yourself in the jungle that is the World Wide Web. Below is how to change the password on a BSNL WiFi router;

How to Change BSNL WiFi Password

To change the password on a BSNL WiFi router, you need to take the following steps;

  1. First, you need to make sure that your computer is connected to the BSNL WiFi network whose password you wish to change.
  2. Next, open a browser on your computer and type in the default BSNL I.P which is Press Enter when done.
  3. From there, you will be taken to the login page for your BSNL WiFi router. Here, you are required to enter the default username and password.
  4. The default username for a BSNL WiFi router is admin.
  5. Likewise, the default password for a BSNL WiFi router is admin.
  6. In the Settings page for your router, you need to click on Configuration.
  7. Next, click on Wireless Network.
  8. Go to the WPA Pass Phrase (sometimes named Pre Shared Key) section and change your BSNL WiFi password.
  9. When you are done, click on Confirm or Save or Apply to save your changes.
  10. Restart your router and reconnect all your devices using the new WiFi password.

BSNL Change WiFi Password Tips

That’s how you can get a new WiFi password for your BSNL network. Please note that BSNL, as already noted, is India’s biggest company in the telecommunications sector. The company uses a wide range of WiFi routers for its customers. So, some people may find that the above instructions do not quite work.

However, all is not lost. How you change WiFi passwords on routers is almost universally the same. If you know how to do it on one, you should be able to do it on others. It’s not that difficult. However, there are some things that you are going to have to be aware of. The following tips will help you change the password on your BSNL WiFi router.

Details about your router should be on a sticker on the device

BSNL WiFi Password Change
Find a sticker like this underneath or behind your router

We have already noted that you may have an internet modem whose settings are a little different from the one whose settings were described above. On all routers or modems, WiFi passwords are changed in the router’s settings page. The challenge comes in getting there. To do so, you need the following;

  • The router’s I.P address
  • Your router’s default username
  • Your router’s default password.

But where do you get these things? Well, if the details given above do not work, you can find out what they are on a sticker on your BSNL router. It’s usually at the bottom or at the back of the router. Just check and you will see what your default I.P, username and password are. With these, you should be able to get into your router’s dashboard.

You can check the IP address on your BSNL router using Command Prompt

Several times we have come across people who state that the I.P address given above does not work on their routers. Well, most BSNL WiFi routers use as their default I.P. That’s in line with most other routers on the market today. If the above does not work, you may wish to try If that does not work, then it’s time for you to find out what the default I.P on your router is. You can do so using Command Prompt on your PC in the following way;

  • Connect your computer to the BSNL WiFi network whose router you wish to change.
  • Press on the Windows + R keys.
  • A dialog box will pop up. Type in ipconfig and press enter.
  • You will see the default I.P for your BSNL network listed in front of Default Gateway.

You should always have a strong password

Most people take their WiFi passwords for granted. Some leave their networks unsecured, while others use weak passwords. For the majority of people out there, the best password is one that contains children’s names and birth dates. However, that is not actually the right approach. In most instances, neighbors who have been around for some time can easily break into such passwords. What you should do is to make sure that you BSNL WiFi password is strong and secure. Otherwise, you are going to fall prey to people who are on the hunt for free internet. The following password tips should help those looking to do BSNL WiFi password changes;

  • You should change your password to more than 10 characters. If you stop to think about it, you will see that longer passwords are difficult to break into. So, it doesn’t pay to replace your BSNL WiFi password with one that’s weak. Length matters in this regard.
  • Please, make sure that your password contains both upper and lower cases. Passwords are almost always case sensitive, meaning the password AdMin is different from admin. So, if you throw in different cases, you will confuse would be hackers.
  • Every BSNL WiFi password should also have special characters. That’s another way of ensuring that you have a secure password. Special characters are things like; @$#%! and *. If you use those, people are going to have a hard time guessing what you password is.
  • Also consider hiding your WiFi network completely. That way, nobody is going to be able to know that you have a WiFi network in your home or office. And without that knowledge, they wont want to break in. In fact, it’s going to be difficult for anyone who isn’t informed to even know the name of a hidden WiFi network.

Why you should change your BSNL WiFi password

We will close this article with a section on the motivation. Why should you bother doing a BSNL WiFi password change? And how often should you do it? Well, the answers to that are simple but important. Please read on to find out.

Change WiFi Password BSNL to protect against theft of your data

Neighbors are usually the culprits in this instance. Not all homes in India have WiFi. The moment you get yours, you are likely, therefore, to go around bragging about your acquisition. You want everyone in India to know that you now have BSNL internet. In fact, you feel like posting  a sign outside your home saying hey, I now have internet. However, that is not advisable.

One thing that usually happens is that neighbors immediately begin dropping in begging for the password to your BSNL WiFi. They come up with a wide range of rather convincing stories. Perhaps they need to urgently check out their email. Or maybe their kids, who are friends to your own kids, need to do research on the internet.

The result is that you end up giving them the password. And because they are so kindhearted, they spread the password throughout the entire neighborhood. The result is that you will end up running out of data within a very short space of time. Or you will discover that your WiFi network has suddenly lost speed. It you get too many devices on one connection, then you are likely to have speed problems, and this is what usually happens here.

Anyway, should all these things begin to happen to you, you can be sure that your WiFi network has not been compromised. The neighbors to whom you gave the password have now spread the love around the neighborhood. The only solution in that case would be to do a BSNL WiFi password change. That way, you can be sure that all unauthorized users are no longer on the network. Of course, they will still send their kid to try and decode your password, but this time around, being wiser, you should be more careful.

WiFi password changes are to protect against hackers

We noted somewhere in this article that you need to change the WiFi password BSNL router/modem every now and again. That way, you make it difficult for anybody to crack your password. Hackers are a particular problem when it comes to the internet. They are not that interested in your data. All that they want are your banking details.

Once they have this, they will be able to transfer money from your account into theirs. Hackers also use various ruses to seize control of WiFi routers. There have previously been reports that BSNL customers were being affected by a virus that turned off their routers. Anyway, changing your router password once after every 2 or 3 months is good since it allows you to benefit from increased security.

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