Basic Ecocash Troubleshooting

There is no option to deregister within the ECOCASH menu. I discovered this when my ECOCASH started giving me issues. It was probably one of those ongoing glitches caused by the recent ECOCASH revamp. And I could probably have waited it out. However, I had just come from getting a new card from my bank, FBC bank, and thought the problem could have emanated from the fact that I had had to re-register for mobile banking. So, how do you deregister and reregister for ECOCASH? Here are a few Ecocash troubleshooting steps;

How to Deregister and Reregister for ECOCASH

To deregister and register for ECOCASH, you are going to have to do it through you mobile banking application. That’s different, of course, depending on the bank that you use. You can check out the full list of bank short codes for Zimbabwe here. Anyway, to register or deregister for ECOCASH when using FBC bank, you do the following;

  1. Dial *220#.
  2. Enter your mobile banking PIN.
  3. Choose the “ECOCASH Services,” option.
  4. Choose Registration if you wish to register for ECOCASH.
  5. Choose Deregistration if you wish to deregister from ECOCASH.

Why De-register from Ecocash?

The problem, I have to say, that led me to look for the above solution, was that I could no longer make Bank to Wallet transfers into my ECOCASH. So, when I was told by FBC support to Deregister and then Reregister from ECOCASH, I did just that. However, after registration, I got a message from ECOCASH saying my number was already associated with the FBC account.

Anyway, a few moments later I tried making a Bank to Wallet transfer one more time. Needless to say I failed. In a huff, I gave up for an hour or so. After the said hour, I tried to make another Bank to Wallet transfer and that one went through. So, the problem was either just intermittent or the process of deregistering and reregistering really solved it. Anyway, this is something that you may want to try should you encounter problems with your ECOCASH. First check if everyone else is having the same problem. If not, then go through the above mentioned Ecocash troubleshooting process.

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