How to run a Good Ads Campaign

How to run a Good AdWords campaign

AdWords Tips and Tricks Google AdWords is, without doubt, one of the best online advertising services that you will be able to find out there. That is hardly surprising, considering the kind of grip that Google has on Search. The company controls about 65% of the Search Market, making it the go to place for … Read more

Is my Website Penalized by Google?

Website Penalized by Google

If you have been blogging for some time, a time may come when you begin questioning whether or not your website has incurred some murky Google penalty that’s keeping it down. It usually happens when you realize that in spite of all their efforts, your site is going nowhere. The world out there is pretty … Read more

What is the “bounce rate” in Google Analytics

bounce rate in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is, without doubt, a must use tool for all website owners and managers. If you haven’t already been using this free tool then you have been getting only a blinkered view of your website’s performance. The great thing about Google Analytics is that it puts on your fingertips a lot of useful information … Read more

How to fix Bluetooth Problems on an Android Device

Bluetooth problems

I recently have been having problems transferring items from my computer to my Android device via Bluetooth, and, after stumbling upon a solution, thought I would write this article to help those who are in the same predicament.  If you are wondering, I have a Windows computer and a Google Nexus 7 2013 (LTE) tablet. … Read more

How do I view my Google Publisher ID?

How to view your Google AdSense publisher ID

If you have monetized your website using Google AdSense, you may, at some point, wish to view your Google AdSense Publisher ID. Doing so is simple, so this article is rather short. To view your Google AdSense Publisher ID, all that you need to do is the following; Sign into your Google AdSense Account. Click … Read more

Introduction to Google Search Console

How to use Google Search Console

What is Google Search Console and what is it used for? A lot of people have been asking that question. Search Console is one of the important tools that all webmasters and bloggers need to fully understand. The great thing about Search Console is that it allows you to carry out a number of activities … Read more

Google AdWords Rebrands to Google Ads

Google AdWords rebrands to Google Ads

Google has just announced that its online advertising service, Google AdWords, will soon be rebranding to Google Ads. The changes are scheduled to come into effect on 24 July 2018. If you are wondering what’s going to change, then you are not alone. As Google AdWords rebrands to Google Ads, you can expect the following … Read more

How to use the Google Mobile Friendly Test

Google Mobile Friendly Test

In the world of blogging, mobile has, over the past few years, become almost everything. What most people do not understand is that the majority of search queries that are being made across the globe today are coming from mobile devices. As a result, Search Engines, including Google, have adopted a stance where they penalize … Read more

How to Check Google Index Status for your Website

Check Google Index Status

Check the Google Index Status Report The internet is all around us. The truth of the matter is that this wonderful invention has changed the way in which we interact with one another as human beings. Whatever it is that you wish to find, chances are high that the internet will provide you with the … Read more

How to Read Google Analytics Data

How to Read Google Analytics Data

What has Google Analytics been telling you? Google Analytics is, without doubt, one of the best web analytics tools that can be found out there. However, for most people the service remains mysterious and forbidding. Part of the challenge stems from the fact that you get so much information on your fingertips that the whole … Read more

How to Stop Search Engines from Crawling your WordPress Website

Search Engines are, without doubt, the workhorses of the internet age. By indexing all the content that is on the internet, they enable millions of people to find whatever it is that they are looking for on a daily basis. Usually, this is a good thing. As a webmaster or website owner, you want to … Read more