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SEO Checker Tools

If you are a blogger, chances are high that you will be on the hunt for the best tools that you can use to monitor your site’s SEO performance. That is why we have, after carrying out extensive research, come up with the list that is presented below. Later in this article, we talk briefly about SEO and why every blogger should be seized with attempts to give their web pages greater Search Engine visibility. First, however, here is a list of the best SEO Checker tools that can be found out there;

Best SEO Checking Tools

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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a subject with which most Digital Marketing executives  around the globe are seized. But, why is that the the case? And why is signing up with an SEO checker important for every blogger and website owner?

SEO Checker Google is the best known Search Engine in the world
An SEO Checker tracks your site’s position on Search Engines, including Google

We have previously written an article in which we define SEO in the modern era. Needless to say here that Search Engine Optimization is a discipline that involves taking steps to give your web pages greater Search Engine visibility. This, in turn, translates into higher rankings on Search Engine Result Pages.

Why SEO is Important

We have already alluded to the importance of SEO; it gives your web pages the boost that they need to stand out from within the millions that float across the internet.  Why, you may ask, does this even matter?

What most people do not know is that not many of us ever bother to browse beyond the first pages of Search Results. That is hardly surprising, considering the world in which we live today.

People are seized with matters of greater importance; social media, games and other equally important ventures, that they do not really have the time and patience to click on the “Next” button on search results.

Being on the first page is important as far as SEO success is concerned

Your SERPs position matters in the long run
SEO checker: your position matters in the long

The battle, therefore, is that of appearing on the first page. Anywhere else, and you can safely consider yourself a big loser. Think we are exaggerating?

We have one article that is constantly being ranked at around number 13 on Google Search Results. It only brings the occasional traffic to our blog, despite the fact that it focuses on a relatively popular keyword.

The success of your blogging adventure, therefore, is largely dependent on how well you are going to be placed on Google and other Search Engines, including Bing, Yahoo and, yes, Yandex.

Importance SEO Checker Tools

This is where the importance of SEO Checking becomes apparent. SEO Checking is the process by which you keep sight of your web pages’ performance on Search Engine Result Pages. The various SEO Rank Checker tools that are out there have been designed to give you all the data that you need in order to plan, implement, revise and reinforce your blogging strategies.

SEO Tasks

Below are some of the SEO Tasks that all bloggers need to be aware of even before embarking on their projects. You can also read this article for more on these important Search Engine Optimization activities;

  • Site Audit
  • Rank Monitoring
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Tools
  • Social Media Presence
  • Competitor Identification and Evaluation

These are, in no way, the only SEO tasks that you need to work on in order to make your site a success. However, they are the most important. Below, are brief explanations of some of these tasks and the tools that you need in order to accomplish them;

  1. Site Audit
SEO Checker SEO Auditing is one of the tasks that bloggers should be seized with
The Best SEO Rank Checkers allow you to carry out site audits

Site Auditing is, without a doubt, one of the most important SEO activities that you need to embark on as a website owner. Indeed, we have been carrying out such an audit for this site using the SEMrush Site Audit tool. You can check out this great SEO Checker tool by clicking on the appropriate link in the above table.

Site auditing allows you to identify some of the issues that are present on your website. Most of these concerns, such as duplicate content, broken links, missing alt attributes, a low text to HTML ratio and others, have the potential to drag down on your pages’ SERPs performance.

  1. Rank Monitoring

Rank Monitoring is another of the important tasks that await the would be blogger. Despite its importance, this is one area that is, surprisingly enough, often neglected. Rank Monitoring, also referred to as Rank Tracking and Keyword Position Monitoring, among other names,  allows you to keep a constant eye on your performance on Search Engine Result Pages.

All the SEO Checker tools that are in our list come with Rank Monitoring capabilities. In fact, some, like RankTrackr, are primarily concerned with keyword position monitoring. RankTrackr is one tool that we use on a daily basis on this blog.

It emails us daily updates on movements in our ranks, which gives us the ability to monitor both our SEO activities and our performance. Having this information allows us to see whether or not our strategies are beginning to bear fruit.Pro Rank Tracker also comes with Keyword Suggestions, which allows us to expand our campaign by identify and targeting keywords that we would otherwise have neglected.

  1. Competitor Identification and Evaluation

This is another of the important tasks that you need to be aware of as a blogger. Although, in most instances, there is not much that you can do to influence what your competitors are doing, it is important, in any case, to begin by identifying who they are.

As an example, the SEMrush tool that we use on this site gives us a list of some of our competitors for the keywords that we are targeting. Although, we have to admit, some of the data is a bit frightening; a lot of them are big names, knowing who we are pitted against is, in any case, important.

Its what enables us to adapt our strategies to the prevailing situation, including by, where necessary, going for the low competition keywords on which we have a greater chance of being ranked favorably. The SEO Checker tool that you ultimately choose from within our list should have this ability to help you identify and see how you are faring against the competition.

  1. Link Tools

Ask any SEO expert and you will be told that links are the most important SEO elements that you should work on to give your site a boost. Search Engines consider backlinks; the links that point back to your site, to be a measure of the quality of your content.

Although the veracity behind this belief is, in our opinion, quite debatable, it’s how things are. That is why it is important for you to make an effort to build backlinks right from the start. The effort is rather difficult as we explain in this article, but it has to be done.

There are a number of tools out there that you can use to sanitize your site’s links. We talk about some of them in this article. Some of the tools that we review in the table above also come with link evaluation facilities. SEMrush, as an example, offers a Backlink Audit tool that evaluates the toxicity of your backlinks and tells you if you have any that have the potential to drag your site down.

  1. Social Media Presence

A social media presence has become a must to those that wish to explore alternative traffic sources for their sites. This is another of the areas that any SEO Rank Checker worth its salt should have covered. The fact, and this is something that we discovered when we launched this blog, is that it takes time for you to begin to rank well on Search Engines.

Your best alternative traffic source is, therefore, Social Media. It has to be pointed out, however, that its difficult, even here, for you to make the breakthrough that you are looking for. That is particularly the case if your subject is not as interesting as, say, a cat playing a piano.

The good thing is that all the SEO Checker tools that are in our list come with varying degrees of social media monitoring. This allows you to improve your presence on sites such as Facebook and Instagram, which should help drive traffic towards your site.

  1. Keyword Research
Keyword Planning is another important SEO function
Keyword Planning is another important SEO function

Keyword Research is undoubtedly where Search Engine Optimization begins. It’s also one of the things that you should except to find in the best SEO Rank Checkers that can be found out there. The first thing that you need to ask yourself before writing your articles is; what is my target audience saying about the products and services that I have to offer?

Having this knowledge allows you to, in your articles, talk directly to the people who you are trying to reach. You can do this by including the identified keywords in your content. Doing so, and having an appropriate keyword density makes it easy for Search Engines to identify and rank your content.

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