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  1. I bought a car a crv and the has been parked as l was not using it due to some commitments the license expired in August 2019 how much am l supposed to pay on renewal of the license

    1. Hey there. You are going to have to reach out to ZINARA on that one. Are you using it now? If not, you should get an exception certificate for the car. It stands at 10% of the current licensing fee. Unfortunately, it does not apply in retrospect. Your penalties will be calculated from the time that you last paid your license fee. The charge is calculated per every month in which you did not pay. So, you should definitely pay and get the exemption.


    1. The fee is the one that’s in this article. It’s an updated article. The penalty is 10% of the fee charged per month of default. I don’t think you get penalized till a month has lapsed before paying. Last term I lapsed by about 29 days and I wasnt penalized. So, the current fee is $200 bond. 3rd party insurances is 351 bond. Radio license is $400 bond. You can conveniently “forget,” to pay the radio license since there is no penalty. Unozongobhadhara pawabatwa ipapo or you can gut the radio.

  3. Hi there. My licence expired in April during lockdown for a Kombi. Now I want to make a payment. Am I charged penalty fee since kombis were prohibited to operate.

  4. Why car holders are forced to pay insurance, does this insurance works if anything happens like involving in an accident?

    1. It works, as long as things remain stable in the country in terms of currency. I used to have comprehensive Champions and it worked. They even replaced my windscreen when it accidentally broke. As for 3rd party, the increase is probably an attempt to make it work. But they won’t repair your car with 3rd party. Only the other party in the event that you are wrong

  5. The Radio licence fee was a terrible attempt to raise money by the national broadcaster. Ill thought. There’s more wisdom in being less greedy, charge realistic fees and earn more from willing citizens than to go berserk and lose a lot.

    1. Yeah, it makes you pause, doesn’t it. I have always through if they start policing again as they did before, it would be better to simply gut the radio from my vehicle because really! If you drive a battered old car like me, it’s difficult to pay so much on a radio. I would rather listen to the road’s noises…

    1. Hey. You are going to need to reach out to ZINARA on that one. Go to the nearest shop. It’s best to get an exemption when a vehicle is not being used.

  6. Hie. How do you calculate penalties for late payments. When are the ZINARA licencing promotions for 2021

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