ZESA Faults Harare Contact Numbers

The following are the numbers for reporting ZESA faults in Harare. Should you encounter problems (other than load shedding), these numbers should come in handy;

DistrictCustomer CenterSuburb CodeNumberEmail
EastMabvuku H5,H15,H8,H6,H14 704235
[email protected]
Borrowdale H1,H2,H7,H28 704233
[email protected]
CBD H10,H14 704237
[email protected]
Mabelreign H12,H26 706454
[email protected]
NorthKuwadzana H11,H16,H21 706455
[email protected]
Warren Park
[email protected]
Glen View
[email protected]
SouthWaterfalls H17

[email protected]
Southerton H9 704231
[email protected]
ChitungwizaMakoni C1,C2,C3,C4,C5 070-24921
[email protected]

What’s the Code for my Suburb?

You should get a pretty good idea of the code for your suburb simply by looking at the above table. As an example, it’s easy to guess that the code for Sunningdale is H17 based on the fact that it is located near Waterfalls. However, if you would like to get the specific code for your specific suburb, then you should be able to find it on this link.

What do I do when I encounter a fault?

Should you encounter a fault in your specific suburb, then it should get in touch with the relevant ZESA personnel using the number given above.

Here is a link to help you find your ZESA meter number. This should come in handy should you lose your number in one way or the other. Anyway, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any further questions about ZESA faults Harare.

16 thoughts on “ZESA Faults Harare Contact Numbers”

  1. i have followewd all the channel reporting my fault, but the zesa gelnview team is very rude, now on dya 3 no electricity

  2. We need help in Kambuzuma Section 1. Houses number 20 to 40. we frequently experience power cuts. the rest of the houses will be having power. sometimes when we all dont have power, when its restored those houses do not get power (tinoti kujumper). We always get a response that its a fault but what type of fault that can not be fixed once and for all.

    We desperately need your help ZESA

  3. Zesa joushu nkomo its too much some houses getting electricity for 2 days then the next 5 days akajamba musingagadzire.this has been happening for a month we now suspect its politically linked

  4. Glenwood near Tobacco rsch it’s truly disheartening electricity is fully up for houses a stone’s throw away whilst ours spend a good 4 days so far without any electricity.We are located by the last houses near Tobacco research & the water borehole.Countless efforts hv been made to connect with your team but in vain.We are still awaiting as this has adverse effects on our person and work related issues.Pliz kindly intervene.Thank u

  5. Good day, We need help in Dzivaresekwa 1 we have an issue. Houses number 197/A Shumba street. we frequently experience power cuts. The rest of the houses will be having power. sometimes when we all dont have power, when its restored those houses do not get power . It’s now 6 days without Zesa.


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