ZESA Contact Details

The table below contains a full list of ZESA contact details. These should come in handy in the even of a fault. Note that all these ZESA numbers can be contacted 24 hours a day. So, you should be able to report a fault at any point in time.

Update: Here are the ZESA WhatsApp details for Harare. You can use these numbers to report faults;

RegionSuburbsWhatsApp number
NorthKuwadzana, Mabelreign, Warren Park0715519387
EastBorrowdale, CBD, Mabvuku, Ruwa0719219977
SouthGlenview, Southerton, Waterfalls0715519389
ChitungwizaMakoni, Zengeza etc0715519389

ZESA Contact Details Harare

The following are the ZESA contact details for Harare and surrounding areas. If you have any issue that needs addressing, you can get in touch using the provided numbers and email addresses. You may also want to check the location code for your suburb.

DistrictCustomer CenterSuburb CodeNumberEmail
EastMabvuku H5,H15,H8,H6,H14 704235
[email protected]
Borrowdale H1,H2,H7,H28 704233
[email protected]
CBD H10,H14 704237
hrecbd[email protected]
Mabelreign H12,H26 706454
[email protected]
NorthKuwadzana H11,H16,H21 706455
[email protected]
Warren Park
[email protected]
Glen View
[email protected]
SouthWaterfalls H17

[email protected]
Southerton H9 704231
[email protected]
ChitungwizaMakoni C1,C2,C3,C4,C5 070-24921
[email protected]

ZESA Contact Details Eastern Region

Below are ZESA’s contact details for the Eastern region. These areas include Mutare, Manicaland and Masvingo. So, if you have ZESA issues in these areas, you can use the numbers below to get in touch. Note that the nu

MutareMutare Environs020 633720778 408 842
Mutare Urban020 61421
020 61959
020 61489
0774 105 254
Rusape025 2529
Nyanga0298 2680738 352 220
ManicalandChipinge0227 24460774 364 939,
0774 029 162
Middle Sabi024 3660774 364 939,
0774 029 162
Chimanimani026 2401
0227 2446
0774 364 939,
0774 029 162
Masvingo039 62088
039 265607
0716 206 410
Chiredzi031 2571
031 2318
0716 340 027
MasvingoGutu030 2514
Rutenga014 256
Mashava035 2234

ZESA Contact Details Northern Region

The following are the ZESA contact details for the Northern Region. This region covers Bindura, Concession, Mvurwi, Mt Darwin, Centenary, Kadoma, Chegutu, Norton, Beatrice, Chinhoyi, Karoi, Mhangura, Kariba, Mutorashanga, Marondera, Juru, Bromley, Mutoko. So, if you are in any of these areas, use the table below to find out who you should contact in the even of a fault;

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  1. Why you are not reachable.
    I just recharge 150 to my meter 37121156121 kassim wholesale and j didnt receive my token
    Please send me the yoken to my number 0771775220

  2. Hie zesa Norton,.i live at Masiyarwa clinic in Zvimba its been 5 days no electricity some housholds have electricity whilst some have..we are tryng to get hold of zesa norton to no avail..hw can we get help so that this can be sorted?

    • Hey. Use the contact details given here to get in touch with ZESA. But it seems the company is overwhelmed with the onset of the rains. We had a similar situation in Sunningdale. Went for 3 days with some houses having power and others not having anything. Fortunately, the issue has since been resolved.

  3. Got a new connection. I am in Norton. My pre paid electricity meter is not registered. I got the card and the free units. How do l register now

  4. My mum has been going to the Bindura offices for the past 1 year,asking if they can come to remove their poll so I can extend her house Each time they tell her we will come when we get a car.She’s an old woman being lied to for the past year.Can Zesa Bindura do something please-you are delaying our plans.


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