How to write a blog post

A Rather Naive Goal

I recently produced an article in which I talk about how I set a lofty new year’s resolution for myself. I had determined, while listening to the barking of baboons, that I would write a 100 blog posts in 15 days. So, did I succeed and what was the experience like? What was it like to write a blog post while knowing that I still had 99 more to go?

How Many Articles Did I End Up Writing Per Day?

  • As mentioned earlier, the attempt to write 7 articles every single day for 15 days proved to be a bit overambitious, even after having gotten monkey inspiration.
  • I discovered after the first three days, that I was only able to produce around 6 articles every day on most days.
  • That is still a bit more than most bloggers will produce in a year, but, as mentioned in the first article, I come from a literature background and have a computer typing speed that qualifies me for employment as a typist.

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Write a blog post: What was the average article length?

If you remember from reading the first part of this story, I set 1000 words as the minimum number of words that I was going to produce for each of the 100 blog posts. I have to say that I, for the most part, succeeded in meeting that goal.

  • There were two articles, however, on which I went up to about 700 words and decided that I would not be able to reach my mark without making them nonsensical.
  • Most of the articles that make up this experiment were, however, even longer than the minimum target. In fact, I have blog posts that went up to 2000 words in length, which is another of the reasons why I ended up not being able to write 7 articles per day.
  • Aside from the two articles on which I failed, the average article length, as it turned out, was around 1300 words. That’s well within reach of the length to which some experts believe a good article should be.
  • I have previously written a post in which I mention that SEO experts believe no blog post should be less than 300 words in length.

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What did I write about?

If you have been wondering; Network Bees covers a wide range of technology related topics. Computers are constantly evolving and I believe it’s important for bloggers across the globe to constantly put out fresh articles that simplify life for everyone else.

Can it be done?

So, if you are wondering whether or not it is possible to write 100, one thousand word articles in 15 days, the answer is; yes. You probably wont want to get near a computer afterwards, but who cares? You will soon be back on your feet, as I am. Setting out to  write a blog post is no simple task. However, the reward is well worth it at the end of the day. There is nothing that’s as great as knowing that I am actually helping people out there navigate the murky world of technology on a daily basis.

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