Windows 10 Problems and Issues

For all intents and purposes, the latest upgrade of Windows version 1803 upgrade would have been called Windows 11, had it not been for the fact that Microsoft appears dead set to remain on Windows 10. Now, as is the case with any major upgrade of any Operation System, there are bound to be teething issues along the way. Here are a few Windows 10 version 1803 problems that I have encountered;

  • Failure to upgrade
  • Screen brightness refusing to be adjusted
  • A couple of blue screens of death (while tinkering with network adapter settings).
  • A login screen that’s unresponsive to keys, other than the mouse.
  • Microsoft Office Word refusing to be resized from the full screen using the click, hold and drag option.
  • My computer actually crashing because of some WiFi network incompatibility issue and having to spend half the day trying to sort it out.
  1. Failure to Upgrade

This is  one of the Windows 10 version 1803 problems that I encountered right at the beginning of the upgrade process for my laptop. Note that some of the challenges that I have encountered so far could simply be due to the fact that my laptop is rather advanced in age (over 8 years), which raises a number of hardware compatibility issues with the new iteration of Windows 10.

In any case, the issue of failing to Upgrade to Windows 10 is something that I talk about a lot in this article. I also give the solution to the problem of upgrading to Windows 10 version 1803 in this article. Now, from the popularity of these two articles, I would say this is a major problem, for which people around the globe are desperately on the hunt for solutions.

  1. Windows 10 version 1803 problems: Screen Brightness Refusing to be Adjusted

This is actually an ongoing problem and, I have to say, it’s rather annoying. This Windows 10 version 1803 issue means that I have not been able to adjust the brightness on my laptop’s screen. I confess that I especially like to have my screen rather dim and working on my laptop has now become a chore.

Fortunately, the default brightness that I have at the moment is not the highest setting, but still, the issue is rather galling. And before you offer solutions, I have tried everything. Believe me, this problem does not seem to want to go away.

  • I have uninstalled my graphics drivers and have reinstalled them with no success.
  • I have rolled back the drivers to the previous version, to no avail.
  • I have screamed but that has not helped either.
  • And yes, I have gone into “Change Advanced Power Options,” and nothing that I do there appears to be of any use.
  • After a long struggle, I have finally given up, and have resigned myself to living with this Windows 10 version 1803 brightness problem.
  1. Blue Screen of Death

I swear if Windows 10 had not been called Windows 10 many people would be hating it right now. By not moving to Windows 11, Microsoft actually pulled a fast one on use. Now we cannot hate, like we did with Window Vista and Windows 8 for the simple reason that Windows 10 version 1803 is still Windows 10.

After the upgrade to Windows 10 version 1803, I have encountered several Blue Screens of death. Most of them appear to be triggered by some conflict with my network adapter drivers. It got so bad that, as you see below, I almost lost everything when the damn laptop became unusable.

Again, my issues may be to do with my laptop and I have noticed a difference in performance after swapping my RAM modules. Don’t ask my why I did this. I just did and here we are.

  1. An Unresponsive Login Screen

One of the new features in Windows 10 version 1803 is the sign in using pin feature. Now, get me right, I like new things as much as the next guy, but this feature has, for me, been mildly annoying. It has also been a source of some of the Windows 10 version 1803 problems that I have encountered.

For one thing, my screen sometimes does not seem to be that responsive, when it comes to bringing up the login panel.

I turn on my laptop, and there is one of those beautiful pictures that Windows is always getting from somewhere. When I press the Space bar on my keyboard, nothing happens. The same applies when I press any other key! I only get a response when I click on my mouse. The bootup times also do not appear to have improved with the new upgrade.

For me, the whole PIN thing almost became hilarious when I was forced to attempt to System Restore my laptop after another crash. Now, instead of asking for the PIN which I had been using all along, the stupid Windows asked me to enter my password!

How could I be expected to remember this after using the PIN for more than a month! Those were some rather strange 30 minutes for me, till I happen to stumble upon the correct password for my laptop. After going through all that, System Restore rewarded me by failing to restore my PC to an earlier date.

  1. Slightly Unresponsive Microsoft Word

This is another of the minor Windows 10 version 1803 problems that I have come across. I am used to resizing the windows on my screen by clicking and holding on the top (where there is the menu bar) and dragging the Window to wherever I want to place it. Now, with the Windows 10 upgrade, I am no longer able to do this when I have Word in full screen. Strange..!

  1. Crashing Computer

This was, by far, the biggest of the Windows 10 version 1803 problems that I have encountered so far. It got so bad that I almost went back to Windows 7. You see, after turning off my computer the normal way, I was in for a treat the following day.

When I tried to turn on the stupid thing, it suddenly began freezing before getting to the login screen. Believe me, I tried everything, including system restore, to no avail. It was only after half a day of turning it on and off that it suddenly decided to allow me to log in.

I then discovered that the laptop was freezing each time that I tried to turn on my WiFi network adapter. Going into Device manager did not help because the moment I tried to uninstall the WiFi drivers, the laptop would become frozen.

This went on for some time, till I noticed that I had some other device in Device Manager that was showing an error sign. Uninstalling this appeared to have finally solved the problem.

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If you have encountered any other Windows 10 version 1803 known issues, feel free to highlight them in the comments section below. Otherwise, have a good day…

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