When is it the Right Time to Sell your Website?

For most people, deciding on when to sell their websites can be tricky. The thing about blogs and other website is that they tend to be particularly involved. At the end of the day, you end up feeling as if your site is one of your babies. In fact, a website demands even more time and effort than the average baby, which makes it even harder for you to make the decision to sell.

a website can be like a needy baby

When you have decided to sell

Let’s assume, in any case, that you have already gone through all the pains that parents go through as their children grow and prepare to leave for college, and have finally  decided that selling cannot be helped. The question that you will now be confronted with is; “when is it the right time to sell my website?”

Determine your website’s worth

The first thing that you need to do, as part of the process of selling your website is determine its worth. You have probably, as already alluded to, spend years working hard and having sleepless nights to turn your website into a success.

Unfortunately, hard work does not always translate into an income and your perception of your website’s worth may actually be far ahead of it’s actual value on the market. There are a number of things that determine the value of a website;

  • The number of visitors
  • It’s CTR and Bounce rates
  • Advertising and affiliate revenue currently being generated
  • Future prospects for growth
  • How well it has been created
  • It’s age
  • The number of articles on the website

Once you have determined your website’s value, it then becomes easier to determine the right time for selling.

When should I sell my site?

The thing to do, when it comes to selling your website, is to think like every other business person. People who buy and sell stock on the Stock Exchange, as an example, have a number of pointers that you can use when selling your site;

  1. You should sell your website when it is at it’s peak in terms of value. This would be when it is realising the most in terms of income. This way, you can be sure that you will get the most amount of money from your creation.
  2. Also consider selling if you think that your site has reached it’s peak in terms of value and can only go downhill from there. Holding on at this point will only mean that you will begin to lose money.
  3. You should also decide to sell your website when you find a suitable and serious buyer. What we mean here is that if you have not been actively looking to sell and someone approaches you with the intention of buying, this is something that you should do if their offer is serious enough.

Should I sell?

Deciding on whether or not to sell is entirely up to you. Sometimes, doing so can actually be liberating, by giving the money that you urgently need to do something else. Selling could also liberate you by providing you with enough income to enable you to live a life on the beach.

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