What to do when you lose your bank card

Zimbabweans used to be terrified when they lost their bank cards. Today, they are mostly blasé about the entire thing. Money is worthless in Zimbabwe and if you lose your card, they are just bonds, right? Besides, nobody really keeps money in their accounts anymore, unless they are cash barons. Still, losing your bank card is something that you should be worried about. Even though it’s not worth much, the money that’s in there is still yours, and you need to do everything in your power to keep it safe. So, what should you do when you lose your bank card?

Lost credit card: Steps to take

Bank cards can be lost wherever you are in the world. It doesn’t matter that it may be the Bank of America lost debit card. When you lose your bank card, whether you are in Zimbabwe or in another part of the world, you should immediately take the following steps;

  1. Call your bank to notify them about the theft. This should be done immediately. Otherwise you will be liable to losing all your money.
  2. If calling is not an option, you can also visit your bank to tell them about the theft.
  3. Your bank should immediate block the lost card to stop it from being used.
  4. You should then apply for a new card.
  5. When you get it, try to take better care of it.

Zimbabweans and PIN numbers

Zimbabweans are a funny lot. During the era of US dollars, I heard stories of thieves from South Africa who visited the country (as tourists, probably). After a few days, they expressed surprise at the fact that ATMs bearing USDs were being guarded by lone security guards who were armed with nothing other than truncheons. In South Africa, that would never happen. Both ATM and guard would soon find themselves bombed to pieces using dynamite. Anything to get to the money.

So, the thing about Zimbabweans and PIN numbers is; if you see an elderly man or woman in a bank, chances are high that along with their bank card, they will be carrying the PIN code for the card written on a paper stashed somewhere on their person. The paper is usually hidden in a tattered walled that’s tied to the neck using a string and that’s then placed into the bra area for women. Men usually keep their PIN number on papers hidden behind the covers of their Kambudzi feature phones. Anyway, have a good day! Feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

Here is what to do when you lose your Payoneer Card.

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