What to do When you Erroneously Receive Money via ECOCASH

I recently got money in my EcoCash that I suspected had been sent in error. And based on the comments that are floating around on the internet, the issue is rather prevalent. That’s only to be expected, considering that the difference between one phone number and the next is usually a single digit. So what happens when you erroneously receive money via EcoCash?

The Sender’s Number is not Shown

The thing to note is that ECOCASH does not actually show you the sender’s number when you receive money from someone through the network. You do get the person’s name, but that’s not going to be helpful in a situation such as the one that we are describing. So, what do you do when you wrongly get money via ECOCASH?

Get in Touch with ECOCASH

What we did after receiving money erroneously was get in touch with ECOCASH. There are several ways through which you can do this, including by phone or via Facebook. In our case, we got in touch with Econet through Facebook. Below is the string of messages that we got from Econet through Facebook.

Hey there. I got some money that I think was sent to me in error via ecocash. I strongly suspect it’s from Father Christmas. While I wouldn’t mind eating it, what should I do?
Hi there. Thank you for contacting us. Kindly provide your number,amount,date of reception and sender’s name so that we may assist. ^ZOD
39.00 from xxxxxxxxxxxxx. Approval code ppxxxxxxx.yyyy.xxxxxxx
Kindly provide your phone number.^RMM

Please note that transaction has been initiated for the reversal.^RMM
Well, so much for father Christmas

A phone call from Econet

After giving my phone number, I got a call from ECONET. I have to say that this was the first call that I have ever gotten from them. Don’t know whether to be happy or sad. Anyway, they needed me to confirm that I had received money from someone in error. Very nice lad on 111 there. Was it Ruvimbo or Rutendo?

Reversal of the Ecocash Transation

Anyway, the transaction got reversed after a while. The time taken was a bit surprising anyhow, considering that we were trying to hand over money that had been mistakenly sent to us via ECOCASH. One would have thought giving people money would be simpler. Oh well!

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