What is the Internet of Things? IoT Definition

The Internet of Things (IoT) was all the rage a few years ago, with experts predicting that by now, the world should have talking refrigerators and televisions. Okay, so we exaggerate a bit. Still, when most people think about the Internet of Things, they imagine a world of Science Fiction, where Artificial Intelligence has grown to such an extent that everyday objects become quasi sentient. So, what is the Internet of Things and how relevant is it in today’s world?

Internet of Things Definition?

The term Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connectedness of various everyday gadgets and home devices using the internet.

Why the Internet of Things

Today, internet connectivity is mostly limited to gadgets such as computers, Smartphones and tablets. IoT envisages a world where this connectedness goes beyond these gadgets to include such things as vehicles, televisions, microwaves, home security systems and other appliances.

How is the IOT achieved

IOT is achieved by embedding internet enabling technologies onto these objects that are used in our daily lives.

Why connect televisions and other appliances to the internet?

So, why have the Internet of Things? Is IoT simply a fad that has no meaning. Well, the answer to that is that, far from it! IoT is not simply some craze that will fade away in the dead of the night. Though it has been put on the backburner in the recent past, IoT is already with us. So, why would you connect “things,” to the internet? There are a number of reasons for you to do this;

  1. IoT enables you to keep track of what is happening in your home and around you. Take the example of a home security system as an example. Should it be connected to the internet, then you can receive notification whenever a set event is triggered.
  2. You can remotely monitor and control such things as your television.
  3. You could tell your television to begin recording a program that you are interested in. And you would be able to do this still at work.
  4. You could tell your freezer to begin thawing that piece of chicken that you wish to have for supper.

Indeed, the internet of things is destined to find many applications in our lives. And, as already noted, IoT is already around us. The remote security systems that we gave as an example above are already in use in homes around the world. There are also, around the globe, cars that now have some level of internet connectivity. So, if you are worried that IoT has fizzled out over the past few years, you need not be worried. IoT is already all around us. If you are worried about the Internet of Things and cyber security, feel free to refer to the article in the provided link.

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