What is the BitLife Simulator?

You can find plenty of advanced games on the internet. These include strategy, action and role playing games. However, these games do not have any connection with real life. The BitLife simulator is unique and different from the fantasy world of games. This game teaches you to make the right decisions at the right time. 

What is the BitLife Simulator?
What is the BitLife Simulator?

Make your choice wisely so that you don’t regret your decision in the future. Through this game, you can learn about the sweetness and bitterness of decisions and goals in real life. The BitLife simulator game is available for both windows/Mac where you can download it easily from the internet. 

What can you do in this game?

The BitLife simulator gives you 2 option of lives and roles that absolutely resemble real life. You can either become notorious or famous. In the first instances, you can become a famous role model and social worker for others.

The BitLife life simulator is a simulation application and it comes with a free version. There are about 2000 different things that you could make in this game in which you can make your life into crime, smuggle, start prison riots, and cheat on your spouse and many more possible courses of action. The following are application features of BitLife simulation which you can get from the game;

  • Application BitLife lawsuits – The lawsuits of BitLife game offers a great method of getting some old fashioned return towards the ex- partner.
  • BitLife emoji’s – A lot of modified emojis faces are updated in the BitLife application in which the yellow humans are no more at the same time there are gaggle and gingers of different appearances. 
  • BitLife becomes a pop star – Turning into a well known pop superstar and singer is a present day profession course in the BitLife app and it will make you become a well known ribbon actor and a celebrity. 
  • BitLife time travel – Time travel is a fully unlocked latest version of this BitLife life simulator game which has branded new features and it is introduced in the latest version of the BitLife game. The BitLife for windows is available on the internet where you can download it directly from the internet or from the Microsoft windows store. 

How to install the BitLife for windows PC

You can easily download the BitLife for Windows online just by specifying the type of operating system which you are using like Android, Windows and Mac or ios. The following are the steps that explain how to install the BitLife simulator application into your PC,

  • First of all you need to select the emulator for PC
  • After downloading and installing the Bluestacks or the Nox app players then you need to download Bluestacks app player or download Nox app player
  • Open the installed bluestacks or Nox player and open the Microsoft store in it
  • Now search the BitLife application in the Microsoft windows store
  • Install the BitLife and open the application drawer or all application in the emulator
  • Click the BitLife icon to open it and follow the on-screen instruction to play it

You can also download the BitLife game directly from the internet where just you need to specify the operating system and according to the specified operating system you can download the BitLife simulator game into your windows PC. It is found that many of the players are enjoying playing the BitLife video game and they found that they are very happy to play this game.

If you are interested in downloading the BitLife for Windows then you can easily download it from the internet where there are a huge number of sites that provide the service to download the application into your PC. 

You can also download the application directly from the Microsoft store or from the official site of the BitLife video game to get the benefit of playing the real life video game while at home. The BitLife simulation game has a wide range of game levels where each of the game levels teaches something new about life to the players through playing this real life game and the players can learn more things. 


The BitLife simulation game has received a huge number of positive reviews. It can now be played on PCs at home. The BitLife simulation game is the popular game for the players who are interested in real life scenarios.

This game offers more features compared to other simulation games. It also has more difficulty levels. These levels are meant to correspond to real life.

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