What is a Metered Network in Windows 10

Definition of a Metered Network in Windows 10

A metered network is one for which data usage is restricted to a set daily, weekly or monthly amount. Windows 10 allows you to set your WiFi connection as metered.  This tells the Operation System to restrict data usage by applications and other programs. So, What is a Metered Network in Windows 10?

Setting a metered network in Windows

We have previously written an article in which we explain the process of setting a metered network in Windows 10. Feel free to learn more by following the provided link.

Understanding what a metered network does in Windows 10

So, what does setting a network as metered do in Windows 10? Well, in general, it stops applications on the platform from performing background processes that may use data.

Some applications will ignore the setting

Having said that, there are some applications, such as Dropbox, that will simply ignore any metered network settings in Windows. I have had to uninstall Dropbox from my computer, for the simple reason that the program insisted on gobbling up my limited data by carrying out an update, even though I was on a metered network.

After enduring the problem for a while, I finally had enough. Anyway, the whole point is that a metered network is not infallible. Even where it is set up, Windows will still carry out crucial antivirus updates (I think). And you will have to deal with these other applications that simply ignore the metered network setting.

What is a Metered Network in Windows 10

So, hope this article has answered the question; What is a Metered Network in Windows 10? There are a number of other things that you can do to save data in Windows 10, including by disabling images in your browser, as we have done.

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