5 Foolproof Ways of Growing Traffic to your Website in the year 2020

With the world firmly anchored in 2019, you, as a blogger, may be wondering how you can grow traffic to your website. For most people this is a major preoccupation. Having done everything that you were told to do by all those SEO books that can be found online, you are finally at your wit’s end and about to give up. Before you pull the hair off by the roots, read this article, which will help you generate more traffic in the year 2019.

  1. Use guest posting to get backlinks

guest posts can be used to increase traffic to your website

It’s 2019, yet backlinks remain one of the best ways through which you can increase your site’s SERPs position. However, it’s not always easy to reach out to others with content ideas.

Part of the problem has to do with the fact that there are so many people out there peddling badly written articles that most website owners are no longer willing to entertain guest posts. This is something that we encounter on this blog on a daily basis.

Much of the content that we receive is either plagiarized or badly written. When it comes to guest posting, you should strive to be original. You should also make sure that only the best articles are submitted as guest posts.

Whatever the challenges, it’s clear that guest posts are not something that you can easily disregard. At least not if you are to stand any chance of growing traffic to your website during the course of the current year.

  1. Give your old posts a new lease of life

This is something that not many people are aware of. Focusing solely on the creation of new articles is not something that you should do as a blogger. In fact, most of the biggest websites that are out there have teams that are dedicated to the rejuvenation of existing content.

It is more than likely that these articles will constitute the biggest source of your traffic. You should, therefore, occasionally revisit them to see if there is something that you can do to make sure that they remain vibrant.

An article that is neglected will soon begin losing its position on Search Engine Result Pages.

  1. Create high quality content

Sometimes writing articles for your site becomes a production line affair, with you churning out one low quality article after another in a bid to keep going. However, this is not something that you should do.

Content quality is important, not only for the sake of your readers, but also for the sake of Search Engines Optimization. Readers who you assail with poorly written work are unlikely to ever want to come back to your website. Your readers are also more likely to share high quality articles. You are also much more likely to attract more backlinks the natural way should you have high quality content on your website.

Search engines have also been known to penalize websites that have low quality pieces of work. What you need to do is make sure that you put together something that you would truly be proud of each and every time.

  1. Regular posting

The frequency with which you should post your content is still a subject that’s open for debate. Once upon a time, we had a production burst and we wrote 30 articles per day for an entire week. But that was us.

In reality, you should strive to make sure that you publish something at least once or twice every week. Doing this is a good way through which you can keep your readers engaged.

Regularly publishing content on your site tells Search engines to keep crawling your site, which gives you and SEO boost.

  1. Get your SEO right

Another thing that you will want to do as part of the process of growing your traffic during the course of the current year is get your SEO right. If you do not know what we are talking about, feel free to consult the article in the provided link.

Some of the common SEO aspects, such as backlinks, have already been touched on in this article. Needless to say that you also need to make sure that the technical aspects of your site are set in such a way that they make it easy for Search Engines to find and index your work.

The work that needs done also includes keyword research and optimization of the metadata on your site.

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