Top Kitchen Appliances List with Pictures

Here is a comprehensive list of appliances that should be in every modern kitchen. This list of kitchen appliances comes with pictures, which should give you a good idea of what we are talking about. We have previously written an article in which we talk about some of the must have appliances for the modern kitchen. Feel free to refer to that list for more information. Here, in any case, is a kitchen appliances list with pictures;

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  1. Airfryers

Air Fryers are a subject that we have already extensively covered on this blog. In essence, an Air Fryer is a device that uses super-heated air to cook food. It’s major advantage is that it allows you to bake, roast and fry food without using a lot of cooking oil. Air-fryers are an essential item on the list of kitchen equipment for those that are concerned about the health benefits of the food that they are eating.

  1. Potato Masher

If, like me, you are in love with mashed potatoes, then this is another item that you should have on your Kitchen Appliances List. The good thing is that potato mashers can be used to mash a wide variety of food items, including refried beans. Potatoes that are mashed using a potato masher tend to be fluffy, which is the effect that we are all looking for, right?

  1. Garlic Presses

Garlic, for all its delights to the palate, can have a rather off-putting effect when handled by hand. This is where using a garlic press becomes important. Indeed, garlic presses are one of the most important kitchen appliances that allow you to quickly and effectively crush garlic cloves.

The great thing is that garlic presses help free up most of those amazing fragrances that garlic is known for, which gives you exactly the flavor that you are looking for. What’s more, you do not actually need to remove the peel before using a garlic press, which makes cleaning up afterwards a lot easier.

  1. Bread Knife

Bread is essentially the staple food of the world and whether you make your own or buy yours from the store, there can be no doubting the fact that a bread knife is an essential item on the list of kitchen appliances. Bread knives come with serrated blades, which makes it easy for them to cut through bread. 

  1. Peeler

Peelers should also be on the list of the kitchen items that you acquire for your home. This applies whether you are looking for kitchen items for a new home, or whether you just wish to give your existing kitchen a much needed revamp.

A peeler, which is also referred to as a vegetable peeler, can be used to remove the skin off a wide range of food items. Peelers can be used on carrots, potatoes and fruits, among other types of food.

  1. Grater

Kitchen Appliances List with Pictures

Graters are another item that should be on every kitchen essentials list for homes old and new. A grater allows you to turn various types of food into fine pieces. They come with various types of grating surfaces, allowing you to choose between the various available textures. The types of foods that can be graded include cheese and onions.

  1. Lemon press

The whole point, when it comes to the kitchen items list that we are compiling here, is to make life simple for the average person in the average kitchen. A lemon press is another of of the kitchen appliances that should be on the list for your home.

The great thing about lemon presses is that they allow you to get all the juices from a lemon without leaving a mess both on your hands and in your kitchen. Like many of the appliances that feature on our list of essential kitchen equipment, lemon presses are rather low tech, though the work that they do is absolutely essential for your home.

  1. Blender

Kitchen Appliances List with Pictures

are another piece of equipment that should be on your list of kitchen appliances. So, what is the function of this essential kitchen item? A blender essentially allows you to mix various food substances.

Blenders are powered by electric motors, and can be powerful enough to break ice. There are a number of manufacturers of blenders out there, all of whom make various forms of this essential kitchen item.

  1. Mixer

A Mixer, as the name suggest, allows you to mix various food items. This makes it an essential kitchen item for our list. Mixers are particularly crucial if, like me, you are addicted to baking. The great thing about having a mixer in your kitchen is that it frees your time, by automating the monotonous task on which you would otherwise have had to spend hours.

  1. Can opener

A can opener is one of those items on the essential kitchen appliances list that is often ignored. However, can openers are absolutely essential and should be somewhere near the top of the list of items that you are purchasing for you new kitchen.

If you run the typical household, it’s going to be inevitable that you are going to need to open a few canned foods at least once every week. Though you could do it with a strong kitchen knife, or even by repeatedly bashing the can into the ground, having the correct type of kitchen equipment tends to be a lifesaver. Tin openers have been getting fancy over the past decade or so. Whatever the type that you end up buying for your kitchen, it’s important for you to keep it handy because this is one absolutely important tool on our list of important kitchen items.

  1. Kitchen scale

Kitchen Appliances List with Pictures

Kitchen scales are another item that should be on your kitchen appliances list for your home. Kitchen scales can either be digital or analogue. Many of us tend to measure our ingredients by the eye, which is great.

However, nothing substitutes proper measurements when it comes to getting the perfect results for certain recipes. Feel free to check out the best kitchen scales that can be found on Amazon by clicking on the link in the table above.

  1. Cutting board

If your kitchen is missing a cutting board, then you are probably really not serious about preparing your own meals. Cutting boards come in various shapes and sizes, and are made from various materials, including wood, bamboo and plastic.

Whatever the type that you end up getting, a cutting board is an important item on our list of kitchen appliances for the year 2018; allowing you to cut various food items without damaging either your hands or your precious kitchen top.

  1. Chef’s knife
Kitchen Appliances List with Pictures
Kitchen Appliances List with Pictures: Chef’s knife

A chef’s knife has evolved from its days as a tool for cutting large chunks of beef, to being an essential, general purpose cutting tool in today’s kitchen. This makes it another important item on our list of kitchen equipment. Chef’s knifes come in a wide range of shapes, though they usually come at a length of 20cm and a width of 3.8cm.

A chef’s knife can be made from various types of material, including carbon steel, ceramic, stainless steel of a laminate of carbon steel and stainless steel.

  1. Measuring cups

Like the kitchen scale, measuring cups play an important role in ensuring that you get your ingredients right. This makes it a top item for our kitchen equipment list. Under most circumstance, you will realize that you will use your intuition when cooking. However, there are instances, such as when backing, where getting the correct quantities of each ingredient can be the difference between a great meal and a failed recipe.

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