Top 7 Factors for making a successful website

Are you lagging behind in the business world?  Have you ever wondered how successful sites reach their target customers?  What factors do they use to improve their rankings in search engines? Are there any set standards?

I know, right now, you may have many questions in your mind. Hence, in this post, I will spill the beans to help you reach the right target audience by having a successful website. The great thing is that you don’t need to worry about a large budget. Even with a small budget, you can grow traffic to your website.

After reading this post, you will be able to create a successful website to enhance your business.

1.    Be clear about your intentions

When formulating your plans, the first thing that you need to do is focus on the users as well as search engines. If you don’t provide what the end-users or customers want, you will not be able to generate traffic, sales, and leads.

It is obvious that a business spends money and time building a website so it can be a problem when your intentions are not met. 

Unfortunately, most site owners overlook the main purpose of the website creation i.e. turning visitors into customers.

You don’t have to complicate the whole thing.You just need to ensure that your website is an extension of your plans.

Similar to a mission statement, you need to have something like an intention statement if you are hoping to take your website to the next stage.

2.    Build your brand identity

Well, the more you are concerned about the customers, the more likely it is that your brand is going to get greater visibility. If you can turn visitors into customers, you will have done a good job. Yet, if you can turn visitors into recurring customers, you will have done an amazing job.

With recurring customers, you can be assured of a continuous source income. In fact, your customers become a marketing tool as they promote your business through testimonials. Take note therefore that you shouldn’t overlook your existing customers because they are the pillars whom you rely on.

3. Let your site be unique

You are aware that there are a myriad of websites that offer similar services, thus, you need to put additional effort to offer something that other websites do not have.

Yes, content is king. Hence, your website must be unique, quality, and useful. Readers wouldn’t care to spend a few minutes of their valuable time if it doesn’t provide them with some useful and unique insights.

4.    Make it user-friendly

Logically speaking, no reader will be interested or will bother to visit a website that doesn’t provide what they are looking for  in the shortest possible of times. It is much better if your website can direct the readers in a few clicks to their desired page.

Also, stop assuming that the readers will compromise accessibility in terms of an attractive website. Based on the type of your website, you must make it user-friendly. For example, an e-commerce site will have a different layout than a blog, hence, you must know how to handle it accordingly.

If your site isn’t providing a successful user-friendly experience, increasing traffics and gaining recurring customers will be difficult. To gain more clarity, you can check out this article on why a user-friendly site is important

5.    Rely on appearance

Of course, another must-consider factor is the appearance of your website. You will struggle to reach  customers if your website is not eye catching.

You should be clear about this factor because most website owners assume that they don’t need an A grade design to meet their goals. Yet, it is not the case. You need to create a website that makes people want to stay a little longer.

6.    Focus on loading time

This factor is related to the previous one. The success rate of a website depends on how easily and quickly visitors get immersed in the services offered by the site.

Think about this and it will make sense…

Basically, the loading time should be less to keep the visitors glued to your site. If your visitors are made to wait, they will simply go to other sites.

In fact, load time is one of the factors in search ranking. The ultimate goal of every website is to rank first in search engines, so don’t get distracted when building yours.

7.    Not without SEO

The final and most crucial factor is Search Engine Optimization. If you want a successful website it is not possible without SEO.

In particular, the major goal of maintaining a website is to rank higher while increasing the traffic to your website. SEO is not only about keywords, links, and Meta tags. Instead it is everything together. If your website isn’t found on search engines, what is the point in having it? Right? So dear friend, time to ponder.


Building a successful website is a challenge.

Yet, these top 7 factors have paid off for many website owners including me.

Do you have any more tips to include?

Are there any excellent tips that you’ve come across?

Please leave them in the comment section. I’d love to know about them.

Author Bio:

Ayushi Choudhary is a Jr. Content writer working with EthaneWebTechnologies. In her corporate life she write many blogs and articles on Web design and development, SEO, SMO and many more.

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