Top 5 Vector Graphic Editors You Need to Use for Artwork

Vector graphic editors let you design and even manipulate computer images using geometric and mathematical commands rather than by clicking and stroking as is the case with drawing software. Vector images created with these graphic editors could easily be scaled indefinitely without distorting the quality. However, sometimes you need to deal with PNG to vector SVG file conversions. As such you ought to consider an online PNG to SVG converter. Vector graphic editors can be used to create high-definition illustrations for use on the web, in games, and in other multimedia. The following are some of the best Vector Graphic editors that can be found out there;

Pixelmator Pro

This vector graphic tool supports vector art along with curves, shapes, and lines. Pixelmator Pro is packed with a wide range of built-in shapes and tools which reduces the time as well as effort for creating new ones. Besides that, it can be used to perform SVG conversions with the utility of that even offers the best PNG to SVG converter to turn PNG into SVG vector format. It consists of a GPU-powered image editing module that allows its users to make all the changes required.

Why Use?

  • Provides you with the layer-based image editing
  • Get the workspace presets for illustration, design, photography, and painting
  • A live histogram packed with RGB, Luminance, and Colors modes

Affinity Designer

It is indicated as the best vector graphics editor program that lets you deal with your vector-related artwork efficiently. This program is indicated as the advanced version of Affinity Photos and has been introduced by Serif Labs as a vector editor application. Most often time designers seeking for how to convert PNG to SVG vector image files and they use an online PNG to SVG converter for particular conversions. This tool is packed with an exclusive PSD import engine and even also supports different other formats such as PDF, SVG, AI, Freehand, and EPS vector formats.

Why Use?

  • Channel Editing set at 16-bit
  • Provides you with Graphics Tablets
  • It offers different tools including Raster Style Effects, Curve editing, and Flexible text

Besides that, SVG vector is indicated as a web-friendly format and thus these days people convert PNG raster files to SVG files with the assistance of an online PNG to SVG converter online.


No doubt that this application appears to be expensive, but judging by the traits it does provide its value for money. This editor lets its users produce high-quality vector drawings and even provides you with a Sketch Mirror companion app to swiftly preview your designs while working. It is packed with many grids as well as guides that assist in text rendering and different other crucial parameters of creating vector graphics. If you are thinking that it supports PNG to SVG color vector file conversions, then for that you have to get an online PNG to SVG converter.

Why Use?

  • Packed with advanced user-interface
  • Provides you with community resources and an iOS development kit
  • Trial version for 15 days

Corel Draw

Corel Draw is indicated as a cheaper alternative to Adobe Illustrator. This handy program provides you with amazing vector illustration tools that can easily turn simple lines into complex art. Now, you could be able to create brochures, newsletters, multipage documents, and many others. Even also assists you to change the color, font size, style, shadows, etc. Moreover, the SVG vector graphic file is the best format is it can be scaled up or down without any quality loss, while PNG does not. Thus web-masters often convert existing png raster images to vector SVG images with the assistance of an online PNG to SVG converter. Once converted they can use vector images according to certain artwork preferences.

Why Use?

  • It supports multiple languages
  • Provides you with apparel and textile designing
  • Get the best Sidecar support for both iPad and Apple Pencil


Krita is referred to as a remarkable drawing application that helps you in creating new and editing old illustrations. It is packed with pastel chalk, watercolors, oil paint, and charcoal along with brushes, pens, and pencils. This handy application provides you with both bitmap and vector formats and even includes layer and panel templates. You could even now save png raster files to SVG vector online with the use of a free version of the PNG to SVG converter right now.

Why Use?

  • Highly supportive with Mac, Linux, Windows, and Web-based applications
  • It allows users to create as well as edit 2D drawings
  • Provides you with the various animation templates

Well, choose any one vector graphic editor from the above-mentioned list to proceed with stunning artwork. Good Luck! Are you a student? Here is how you can turn limit calculation into a walk in the park.

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