Top 5 ranking factors for the year 2020 (and beyond)

SEO practices that were effective over the past few years will not necessarily be of much use in 2019 and in coming years. Google keeps changing its algorithms so that it can give the best search experience to its users. Google only wants the best sites to appear at front which are relevant to search queries. And, as we know, search queries keep changing every year, so it is important to stay updated and keep bringing necessary changes. While there are many ranking factors of past years which would still yield results, the best results would be seen if you follow the most important ones for 2019. Read along this blog to know the 5 topmost ranking factors in 2019 and beyond;

  1. High quality content.

2019 is here and content still remains the king. High quality content is the most vital aspect and, your rankings depend upon it. With Google’s Panda algorithm update, content has become even more important. High quality content means lesser bounce rate. And lesser bounce rate means, higher search engine rankings.

But even the big names fall short in this category. They put all the images and visual content in their website to allure their customers towards making a sale.

But they miss out on the most value providing tactic which is, quality content. Content also embeds within it, all the SEO tactics and keywords which can help you rate higher. In 2019, you can focus on people’s search intents and queries to modify your content accordingly.

Also, keyword research will help your big time, to rank higher in 2019. Other than this, rich snippets will also help your content rank high. In a nutshell, quality content embedded with wise SEO practices can yield awesome results in 2019 and hopefully, beyond.

  1. Mobile friendly website format.

Mobile devices are becoming substantial in this fast-modern age. Mobile devices are enhancing user experience and are loaded with all the features, desktops have to provide.

In this mobile driven world, it is important that your site is well optimised according to its mobile view. Google says that, your site should beresponsive to mobile devices in order to rank higher. It should adjust with the size of the screen and display accordingly. A responsive mobile site will help you rank higher in 2019 and beyond. Google algorithms can easily read a responsive mobile site. The crawlers can crawl easily on a site which is well optimised for its mobile view. With this, a responsive mobile site also enhances the user experience for your site. Users can easily view your site in their mobile devices. This is a very assured way of gaining high rankings in 2019.

  1. Better UX

UX or user experience is the most important factor for you to rank higher. Your site should be very friendly and give the users the best experience in the market. Search engines evaluate your UX by calculating the dwell time of the users on your website. Dwell times is the period, a user stays on your site before clicking the back button and exiting from it.

The more the dwell time, the better the UX you are providing. In 2019, you should focus on your site architecture. Your site should be easy to navigate within. The layout should be very simple and users should know exactly where they have to go according to their needs. A very complicated site architecture can lead in the downfall of your rankings. Put all the signs within your website so that, users can navigate easily within it. UX will contribute a fair bit in your rankings, especially in 2019.

  1. On-page optimisation.

On-page optimisation is the hidden, technical SEO practices for your website. On page optimisation can help you rank higher for specific keywords and search queries. Users have seen a significant amount of increase in their traffic since they have mastered their on-page optimisation.

Your content can be found faster if you have mastered your on-page optimisation. In 2019, metadata will contribute to your rankings. Metadata is title tags and page descriptions which appear in the search results. Your title tag and snippets should be very apt and should appeal to the readers. It should also inform important aspects about your content. If Google sees it fit, it will pull a paragraph or so from within your content and paste it as your snippet. But still, writing a good snippet yourself can help you. Also, internal linking will play a big part in your rankings. Internal linking gives a better user experience and crawlers can navigate through different pages easily. The utmost goal for internal linking however, should be to provide better user experience. All the other benefits will then, follow. These are the on-page optimisations that can help you rank higher in 2019.

  1. Improve your site speed.

Site speed still remains an important ranking factor, even in 2019. Google has introduced site speed ranking factor for mobiles as well. This means, your site’s load time in a mobile device will be judged to determine your site’s rankings.

Site speed gives a better user experience and helps reduce bounce rates. Even a slight second of delay can cause you a huge ranking drop. It is always good to keep checking site speed with speed checking tools. Once you realise that your side speed is slow, you should then optimise your site to increase the site speed. With better site speed, your chances are good to rank higher in 2019.

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SEO practices that are prevalent in the current time are best effective in increasing your rankings. Optimisations that focus on quality and providing better user experience are surely worth attempting for better results in 2019 and beyond.

Consider these 5 important rankings factors that will work best for 2019 and beyond. This will give you a fair idea about how quality is taking up on quantity and, how you should adjust accordingly. If you would like to learn more about the issue of SEO and intent, feel free to check out the article in the provided link.

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