Tips on how to Cleanup the Desktop in Windows 10

If you have a newly acquired Windows 10 computer, one of the things that you may have noticed is that your Desktop is the canvas on which you do all your work. The great thing about the Windows Desktop is that it allows you to quickly and easily get access to your programs and folders. Over time, however, your Desktop can become rather crowded. This happens as you install new programs on your computer whose shortcuts are left on the Desktops. It also happens as you save your files and folders to the Windows Desktop. There are even people who prefer to keep their movies and music on the Desktop. So, how do you cleanup the Desktop in Windows 10 when it becomes cluttered?

How to Cleanup the Windows 10 Desktop

Cleaning up your computer’s Desktop is one of the simplest things that you can ever do. All that you need to do in order to complete this task is the following;

  1. Minimize all the programs that may be open on your computer so you can see your Desktop.
  2. Determine if there are any files and folders that you can move into a consolidated folder on the desktop.
  3. Create and give a name to a Folder on the Desktop into which you will move these file and folders.
  4. Now drag and drop files into the consolidated folder.
  5. Move to the Documents folder any program shortcuts that you do not use often on your desktop.

An Uncluttered Windows 10 Desktop

The above tips should clean up the Desktop on your Windows 10 computer. In essence, you can move all the files that you have on your Desktop onto their respective folders, which will help de-clutter your computer’s screen.

As an example, you should move all movies into the Videos folder. You should also move all music into the Music Folder. Documents that you may have saved on the Windows 10 Desktop can be moved to the Documents folder.

Doing this allows you to easily and quickly clear your Desktop. The great thing is that none of the programs that you move will be deleted from your computer. You should, in this regard, never move files into the Recycle Bin, unless you wish to have them deleted permanently from your computer.  Feel free to leave any comments in the appropriate section below if there is something that you wish to have us cover.

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