Three Broadband Router Default Username and Password 2021

What’s the default admin login username and password for a Three Broadband router? Three Broadband is one of the major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the U.K. As a customer, there are instances where you will need to sign into your router’s admin console. That can only be done if you have the admin login details for your 3 Broadband router.

3 Router Default Admin Login Details

The default username for most 3 Broadband routers is admin. The default password is also admin. On Three Broadband 5G Hubs, the default admin username and password fare either admin or user, depending on who manufactured the equipment that you have. Three gives you all the equipment that you need when you sign up for their services. However, a few people out there use other types of routers that are not provided by Three Broadband. If you fall into this category, jump to our section on where to find admin login details for any router.

RouterDefault UsernameDefault Password
5G Hubadmin/useradmin/user
Huawei B311adminadmin
Huawei B535 Gatewayadminadmin
Huawei E5573adminadmin
Huawei E5783B-230adminadmin

What if the above Three Broadband router default username and password details do not work?

Those are the default usernames and passwords for 3 Broadband routers. Hopefully, the information provided will enable you to sign into the admin section on your router. However, there are times where you may find yourself unable to log into your 3 Hub’s admin section.

Perhaps somebody has already changed your router’s admin password. That’s the advisable course of action. As you can see, router passwords are pretty basic. In this instance, the password is mostly admin. The same password is used no matter where one is, as long as it’s the same equipment by the same manufacturer.

So, it’s best to change the default admin password for your 3 router as soon as is possible. That way, you will protect yourself from hackers. But what do you do if you are unable to log in because somebody has already created a new admin password for your router? What if you have forgotten the new admin password?

Another situation that may arise involves people who bring their own router to Three Broadband. Perhaps you have one that you feel is better than the ones that are provided by your ISP. Should that be the case, you can definitely use that on any network.

However, you will not benefit from the Support that comes from using ISP provided routers. And the default Three Broadband router default usernames and passwords given here may not work in your instance. So, what do you do in that case? The good news is that there are a couple of solutions for those who are unable to log into their 3 routers using the details provided above;

Router login details are printed on the router label

An example of a router label
Router label example

Is there somewhere where you can find the 3 Broadband router default login username and password? The great news is that there is a simple way of finding the information that you are looking for.

What most people do not know is that all routers and modems have router labels. The labels contain all the information that is need to sign into your router’s admin dashboard.

If you check on the router label, you will see your router’s IP address. That’s what you need to open the web interface for the router.

You will also see the default admin username for your Three router. This is usually admin. This is needed for signing into the router’s backend.

Finally, you will see the default 3 broadband router password on the router label. You also need this to find your way into your router’s admin console.

Reset your router if the provided data does not work

That’s the solution if you have already changed, but have forgotten, your Three Broadband router username and password. We have already noted that people do this. However, the vast majority soon forget their new 3 router admin passwords.

So, what’s the solution for those who are in the same situation. Does it mean you will now have to throw away your router?

Fortunately, there is no need to resort to anything so drastic. The solution lies in resetting your router to its defaults. That way you will be able to log in using the default admin details for 3 routers.

All routers have reset buttons. They can usually be found somewhere on the back of the devices. Look for a pinhole button. Find something pointed and use that to press on the button.

Keep pressing for at least 15 seconds. The time varies from one model to the other. You will notice that your router has been reset when the lights on it cycle off and on. Afterwards, you should be able to log in with the Three router default username and password provided above.

Why look for the Three Broadband router default username and password?

The information that we provided here should help you log into your 3 Broadband router. But why spend time looking for these details? Most people actually never need to sign into the admin consoles of their routers.

But there are a number of cases where you may have to do so. Perhaps you wish to change your WiFi password. Probably you want to change the name of your WiFi network.

Many more changes are only possible from your router’s dashboard. So, there is need to for the default admin login details for your Three router to be able to log in.


This post focused on the Three Broadband router default admin username and password list. We hope that these details will be of help. Are you on Sky broadband? Check out the default login details for Sky routers. Also read our article on the BT Hub router login details.

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