The Impact of Social Media on Society

In it’s earliest days, Social Media was only about entertainment. However, today, it pervades our daily lives. As an example, Facebook has proposed an alternative financial system called Libra. And here is another case; officers were terminated by the Philadelphia police department after it was discovered that they had made racist comments on Facebook. Developments are also being made that will allow for the connection of human tissue to computers via a brain implant. By this invention the space between media and social can be removed. It’s clear, therefore, that social media is no longer limited to entertainment.

This all happened within a week

Your home life, workplace and politics are all now affected by social media . It is very difficult to identify in which other field social media will show its presence. A buyout offer of $750 million was given to Facebook in 2006 and at that time the number of registered users were 7.3 million.

In recent years the dominance of Facebook in the services of social networking has increased. It is now among the companies in the world that are most valuable. Now people are even talking about social marketing. So, what’s the impact of social media on society?

Government Regulation

At the Senate Banking Committee’s hearing Sherrod Brown said that it can be dangerous to use Facebook. In response, Facebook asked people to have faith in it. The people of America feel burned whenever they trust Facebook. Has Brown’s sentiment made people of America agree with him? You only need to look at statistics to see what we are saying here. Facebook has recently witness a decline in use among Americans.

In 2018, the Facebook app was deleted by 26 % of Americans and the percentage of people who have stopped using Facebook for more than a week was 42 %. One concern is that Facebook is spreading disinformation; third party providers sometimes mishandle consumer data. Can consumers benefit from regulating the activities of social media organizations? This is the most important question. Pinar Yildirim, marketing professor of Wharton believes it will not help if more regulation is done.

Are they damaging or irreplaceable?

A change in society with the help of social media is the biggest challenge today. Accountability can be undermined and manipulation can be facilitated if chaos, prejudice, ignorance and confusion are sowed by the authoritarian practices of social media’s algorithms. All this has been said by Ronald Deibert, a science professor of Politics at the University of Toronto.

Any information can attract people towards it and it doesn’t matter whether it is valid or invalid. Jonah Berger has said this. Before, spreading false information was very difficult because it could be done by media companies only. Doing it was possible but at a very slow speed.

But today any information whether it is true or false can be easily spread by means of sharing because when the people see something, they start trusting it. The democratic attention and fame are the result of social media. It is possible to present digital technologies everywhere within a small amount of time and it has been said by Deibert.

Is it possible that retail services, search and social media can be operated by tech companies? There has been an investigation on it by the Justice Department of the United States. If you want to promote your brand and its services and products then it will be a good idea to take the help of a social media company.


It’s clear that social media platforms such as Facebook, Pikdo and Instagram are having a huge impact on our lives. The war in Ukraine has highlighted this. At the moment, there is a battle on Twitter to disseminate information that is either for or against the invasion.

Meanwhile, Russian has banned Facebook and Twitter in a bid to curtail the flow of damaging information. So, social media has become more than just entertainment. If you want the latest news, you go to Twitter and Facebook. These and other platforms are preferred to traditional media outlets because they provide almost real time content. And the content is unabridged.

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