Tenda Router Default Password and Username 2021

Are you looking for the Tenda router default password and username? Tenda is a leading Chinese manufacturer of networking equipment. Many ISPs around the world use their equipment. If you have a Tenda router or modem in your home or office, you may be looking for the default login details for the device. In this article, we give you the Tenda router login password and username for various models manufactured by the company.

Tenda Router Login Password Full List

On most Tenda routers, the default username is admin. The default password is also admin. In the table below, we give a full list of Tenda routers and modems, along with their default login details. Our list is detailed and contains many of the newer models from Tenda;

Tenda Router ModelDefault UsernameDefault Password
AC10U v2adminadmin
AC23admin admin
RX9 Proadmin admin
TX9 Proadminadmin

Which models are covered in our table?

In the above table, we covered a number of Tenda router models. We provided the Tenda ac1200 default password. We also gave you the Tenda n 300 and n301 router login details. Also covered was the Tenda ac10 default password and the Tenda 11n wireless router login. In all these instances, the default username and password are admin.

Tenda router admin password not working

That’s the Tenda router default password list. However, you may encounter a situation where the router or modem that you are using either does not feature on our list or the information given does not seem to work. There could be many reasons for this.

First, Tenda is a huge manufacturer of networking equipment, as already noted. Their routers and modems are used in various places around the world. It’s possible, therefore, that our list is not exhaustive.

However, you will have noticed that default router login details for Tenda are more or less similar. They are usually admin for both the username and for the password. So, you shouldn’t have any problem here.

In fact, it’s worth noting that login details for most routers are the same, in spite of model type. Usually, if you know how to log into one, you won’t have any problem logging into another. Check out these TP link default login details. You will see that admin is also the commonly used username and password.

As a result, people tend to change their Tenda router default password the first time that they log in. That’s done for security reasons. You will be interested to note that there have been several tales of people who got locked out of their own networks.

This happens if someone who has access to your password then logs into your router’s backend. From in there, they are able to change the passwords. So, for security reasons, you need to change your Tenda router login password the first time that you log in.

Unfortunately, it’s quite common for people to then go on to forget their new login details. The result is that they won’t be able to get in when they want to. So, what do you do in this case?

Reset your router

If you are unable to log in because you have changed and forgotten your Tenda router admin login details, the solution lies in resetting your router. That’s easy enough to do. On all routers, there is usually a reset button stuck somewhere on the back.

Find this and press on this for up to 15 seconds. The router will flash off and on indicating that a reset has been done. Once that steps is complete, you will be able to log in using the default Tenda router password and username as given in our list.

Tenda router login information is usually on the router label

If you check on your Tenda router, you will see that there is a label on which is printed the data that you need to get into the settings page for the device. The router label is usually there on all routers.

Tenda router password and username on the router label
Tenda login details on the router label

Information to be found on this sticker includes the login IP or web address. There may also be the admin password and username for your Tenda modem. Once you have this information, it will be a breeze login in.

Why look for the Tenda router default password

So, why would you run around hunting for the Tenda router default password and username? Well, there are several reasons why you may be looking for this information.

In the first instances, it’s possible that you want to change the name on your WiFi. That’s simple to do once you have found your way into your router. Most people get tired of the default WiFi names on their networks fast. Hence they come up with creating and funny ones.

Another reason for looking for this information is if you wish to change the WiFi password. People do this if they suspect that someone has leaked their passwords to the entire neighborhood. Here is how to change your Tenda WiFi password.

Neighbors can be cunning. They use all means to find your password. And once they have done so, they start downloading all manner of nonsense from across the web. If you are not careful, you will soon exhaust your data plan, or your internet will slow down drastically.

Hence you may want to change your password every now and again. And there are many more changes that can only be made from inside your router’s settings page.

That’s the reason why you are here looking for the Tenda router default password and username. Hopefully, this information has been useful to you. You may also be interested in checking out our article on default TP Link router login details.

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  1. Sir i have a problem with Tenda Router AC2100 model AC19. i have reset it twice but it couldn’t take default password admin and couldn’t log on to router setup. it always appear wrong password. Please let me know the solution if have any. Thanks in advance


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