TelOne Directory Available Here

Are you looking to TelOne’s online directory? If yes, then click on the button below to get to the TelOne directory. Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to do the TelOne directory download. So, if you want to check out a number in Harare, Bulawayo or anywhere else, you are going to have to go to the TelOne website to do so.

Is the TelOne Directory Good?

Based on what we have seen, the TelOne online directory is good. I have been able to get all the numbers that I was looking for through a simple search.

Search Parameters for TelOne’s Online Directory

The following are some of the parameters that you can use to carry out TelOne directory inquiries. You can search by;

  • Name
  • City
  • Number

Search By Name

telone directory
Use name to search for a number

If you want to search for John Chimuti’s number, you can do so by typing in John Chimuti in the Search box on the TelOne telephone directory website.

Search using number

If you have a number, you can easily carry out TelOne directory enquiries to find out who the numbers belong to. This is more or less similar to what people are doing with Ecocash.

Search By City

telone directory
Search by city

You can also simply type in the name of a city, and listings in that city will come out. This, to be frank, is rather cumbersome since you are going to have to go through them to find out what you are looking for. Anyway, if you are looking for; TelOne directory Harare, or TelOne directory Kwekwe or TelOne directory Bulawayo, the good news is that there is only one online director for TelOne.

Here is how to dial TelOne’s new area codes. Also check out our article on how to pay TelOne ADSL using Ecocash.

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