Telkom Contact Details

Are you looking to for the contact details for Telkom South Africa? If yes, the number that you are going to dial will depend on what kind of customer you are. The most common are Home Customers, who will have to dial 10120 to get services. Telkom Mobile customers, meanwhile, should use 081180 to get in touch. The following is the complete list of contact details for Telkom South Africa;

Home Customers

10213 for sales

10120 for services

Business Customers

10213 for sales

10217 for services

Enterprise Customers


Telkom contact details for Mobile Customers


These are all toll free if you are calling from a Telkom number. So, you don’t have to pay anything to reach out to Telkom. Get in touch if you have problems. If you need to send an email, check out the Telkom help page and choose the appropriate section depending on what you want to do. If you are a Telkom mobile customer, check out how to send a please call.

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