Worldremit Zimbabwe Rates

How much does it cost to send money to Zimbabwe using WorldRemit? If you are looking to send money to friends and relatives in Zimbabwe via WorldRemit, this article shows you how much it is going to cost you for various amount. Needless to say here that a large number of Zimbabweans survive through the […]

How to Register for Econet’s Self Care Service *111#

Are you looking for information on how to register for the Econet Self Care Service. The *111# service is very useful for transferring airtime and unblocking your pin. It’s also useful for verifying that your registration details with Econet are correct. You can also use *111# to retrieve numbers on Airtime cards that you may […]

ZIMSEC Closes Online Results Checking Portal

ZIMSEC has just put up a notice on its website announcing that learners who sat for their “O” level Examinations in November 2018 can no longer check their results online. You can see the notice on the screenshot below. This was something on which we speculated a few days ago. What does the closing of the […]

How to Dial a Harare Landline Number

TelOne recently introduced new area codes across the country. The new TelOne area codes are something that we talk about in another article. This post focuses specifically on the new Harare TelOne code. Here, in any case, is how to Dial a Harare Landline Number; What’s the new TelOne Area Code for Harare? The new […]

Step by Step Guide to Get ZIMSEC “O” Level Results 2018 Online

How to Quickly Check your ZIMSEC “O” Level Results Online ZIMSEC recently announced that “O” Level 2018 results will now be available online. This is good news for those that sat for their exams in November 2018. If you are one of these candidates, you can easily check your ZIMSEC results online by taking the […]

How to Get Police Clearance for an Ex-Jap in Zimbabwe

If you have recently purchased a new, used vehicle from Japan, you will have discovered that one of the steps that you need to take as part of the registration process is get police clearance. This is something that ZIMRA demands. A while back, a colleague and I got into an argument over whether or […]

Full List of Bank Short Codes for Zimbabwe

The following is a full list of all the bank short codes for Zimbabwe. The short codes should be useful for those that wish to use USSD for various banking transactions. BANK​                               Short Code​s (dial) Agribank                              *277# BancABC                              *242# Barclays                               *229# CABS                                   *227#  CBZ                                     *230# Ecobank                              *245#    FBC                                        *220#  MBCA                                   *299# Meikles Mycash                  *212# […]

How to Disable Out of Bundle Browsing for Econet

Disabling out of bundle browsing can save you loads of money, as far as data usage is concerned. That’s because where bundles give you loads of megabytes in data, using your airtime to go online tends to be rather costly. That remains the case even now, when Portraz has mandated a reduction in out of […]

Zimbabwe bans US Dollars: What are the implications?

Country abolishes multi-currency regime With effect from 24 July 2019, Zimbabweans will no longer be allowed to use foreign currencies when carrying out transactions in the country. The country has been using mostly USDs and Rands since 2009. With the news still filtering in about the reintroduction of the Zimbabwe Dollar (in the form of […]

11 Fuel Saving Tips for Zimbabweans

You may have heard that a liter of water currently costs more in Zimbabwe than a liter of Petrol. That is actually very true. The unfortunate part is that fuel is in short supply. What it means is that should you be fortunate enough to stumble upon a Service Station that has this most valuable […]

WhatsApp, Facebook Restored in Zimbabwe

Popular social media platforms, WhatsApp and Facebook are now back following a week of restricted access across Zimbabwe. This will be good news for many in the country who had spend the past several days without the widely used messaging applications. No longer needing a VPN in Zimbabwe Most Zimbabweans had resorted to using VPNs […]

DSTV Zimbabwe Full Contact Details

The following are the current DSTV Zimbabwe contact details. Get in touch with them if you are having problems with your DSTV decoder and if you have issues that need to be addressed. In this article, we give you the DSTV Zimbabwe WhatsApp number, DSTV Zimbabwe’s Facebook, DSTV Zimbabwe’s email address and the DSTV Zimbabwe […]

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