How to Check Monthly Usage on a ZESA meter

check monthly usage on a ZESA meter

Blogging about ZESA now appears to be simply going through the motions, because there is hardly any electricity to talk about in households these days. That is why so many people have decided to go solar. I am seriously planning to do so myself and have been writing a series on some of the things … Read more

Mazoe Orange Crush: The Great Sugar Scandal

changes to the Mazoe recipes

Schweppes makes changes to the Mazoe recipes Zimbabweans, who are known for making light of serious situations, have, over the past few days, been complaining following the decision by Schweppes and Coca Cola to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners in its Mazoe products. So serious has the issue become that the two companies were forced … Read more

How to Top up the ZINARA tollgate card

top up the ZINARA tollgate card

Having a ZINARA card can be a lifesaver in terms of saving time at tollgates. Unfortunately, not much is known by the general public about these cards. It appears as if they have not really been that well marketed, in spite of the fact that they are an innovative product produced in Zimbabwe. If you … Read more

Consumer Prices Beginning to fall in Zimbabwe

prices have been falling in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Economy Stabilizing Have just been to the supermarket and, although consumer prices in Zimbabwe are still shockingly high, I did notice a downward trend. There was a time, not so long ago, when it appeared as if the new dispensation was becoming overwhelmed by increases in prices across the board. Even the black market … Read more

How to Buy one Fusion Using ECOCASH

Buy NetOne Airtime Using ECOCASH

One Fusion remains one of the most popular products from NetOne. At one time, it was the thing that got droves of people buying NetOne SIM cards in a bid to capitalize on affordable tariffs. Things have since simmered down, however. Yet One Fusion remains popular. NetOne has its own OneMoney mobile money offering, but … Read more

How to Buy NetOne Airtime Using ECOCASH

Buy NetOne Airtime Using ECOCASH

Econet remains the company to beat when it comes to mobile penetration in Zimbabwe. It’s not surprising, therefore, that it’s ECOCASH offering is, by far, the most used mobile money transfer system in Zimbabwe today. Indeed, so popular is the offering that people on other networks are constantly on the hunt for ways in which … Read more

Paynet Suspends Service to Zimbabwean Banks

Paynet Zimbabwe has suspended services to Zimbabwean banks

For the second time this year, Paynet Zimbabwe has suspended service to Zimbabwean banks over non payment of fees. Visit the Paynet website today, and you will notice that all the banks there are marked as suspended. What does this mean? So, what happens when Paynet Zimbabwe suspends service to Zimbabwean banks? Well, it simply … Read more