ZESA Contact Details

The table below contains a full list of ZESA contact details. These should come in handy in the even of a fault. Note that all these ZESA numbers can be contacted 24 hours a day. So, you should be able to report a fault at any point in time. Update: Here are the ZESA WhatsApp … Read more

ZESA Faults Harare Contact Numbers

ZESA faults Harare

The following are the numbers for reporting ZESA faults in Harare. Should you encounter problems (other than load shedding), these numbers should come in handy; District Customer Center Suburb Code Number Email East Mabvuku H5,H15,H8,H6,H14 704235 2906937 hremabvuku@zedc.co.zw Borrowdale H1,H2,H7,H28 704233 2923102 hreborrowdale@zedc.co.z CBD H10,H14 704237 292103 hrecbd@zedc.co.zw Mabelreign H12,H26 706454 2906938 hremabelreign@zedc.co North Kuwadzana … Read more

How to Find ZESA Meter Number

find zesa meter number

The following are the codes if you want to find your ZESA meter number. You may wish to retrieve your ZETDC meter number if you have lost your ZESA meter card. Should that be the case, there is no need for you to panic. All that you need to do is enter the relevant code … Read more

Full List of ZESA Meter Shortcodes

ZESA meter shortcodes

The following is a full list of ZESA meter shortcodes. If there is something that you need to check on your ZETDC meter, then these short codes should come in handy. There are a number of types of ZESA prepaid meters available. You should find the type that you are using in your home within … Read more

How to Check Previous Day’s Usage on a ZESA Meter

Check Previous Day’s Usage

This information will be useful to those that are interested in knowing their daily electricity consumption statistics. A while back, I checked my own ZESA consumption, and I discovered that I used around 9KW per day. That was before ZESA introduced the latest stages of load shedding, where the neighborhood hardly sees any electricity at … Read more

How to Check Monthly Usage on a ZESA meter

check monthly usage on a ZESA meter

Blogging about ZESA now appears to be simply going through the motions, because there is hardly any electricity to talk about in households these days. That is why so many people have decided to go solar. I am seriously planning to do so myself and have been writing a series on some of the things … Read more

Failing to Top up your ZESA Prepaid Meter?

top up zesa prepaid meter

Problem topping up ZESA prepaid meter A few days ago I encountered an interesting situation with regard to the ZESA prepaid electricity meter in my home. That is a situation that many, I dare say, could have encountered before. You know how load shedding has become a normal thing in Zimbabwe that ZESA now has … Read more

How to Retrieve a ZESA Token on ECOCASH

Retrieve a ZESA Token on ECOCASH

ECOCASH, it has to be said, is something of a cultural phenomenon. It has vastly changed the way in which Zimbabweans interact and do business. However, for all the wonders of this mobile money transfer offering from Econet, ECOCASH is not infallible. If you have ever bought ZESA on the system, chances are high that … Read more