How to Scan your WordPress Website for Malware

scan your WordPress website for malware

The fact that WordPress commands, by far, the largest part of the market, as far as websites are concerned, makes it a prime target for hackers and others with nefarious purposes. If you are worried about the security status of your website, here is how you go about scanning your WordPress site for malware; Log … Read more

Quick Fix for Mixed Content Errors in WordPress

Fix for Mixed Content Errors in WordPress

With cyber crime becoming an ever increasing concern across the globe, it’s important for you to make sure that your WordPress website is set up properly to avoid driving away visitors and incurring penalties from Search Engines. Almost all browsers today “punish” websites that do not have fully functional SSL certificates with ominous notices to … Read more

Difference Between a Cover Image and a Featured Image in WordPress

difference between a cover image and a featured image

One of the new features that were introduced with WordPress 5.0 is the Gutenberg editor. This replaced the Classic Editor that people have been using for so long. Gutenberg is also called the block editor. It had actually been around for some months as a plugin but became the default editor with WordPress 5.0. One … Read more

How to Share WordPress Posts Publicly on Google+

Share WordPress posts publicly on Google+

Sharing WordPress Posts Publicly on Google+ This short article describes how you can share WordPress posts publicly on Google+. I decided to write the article after noticing, a few days ago, that although I had set my WordPress blog, through the Jetpack plugin, to automatically post all new articles to Google Plus, they were all … Read more

Response to a Guest Post Request

guest post request and response

Below is a guest post submission request and the response that we gave. Admittedly, we were rather rude, but we had just come from receiving a 100% plagiarized guest post; Guest post request   Hello,    I hope you doing good, I’m Christie blogger Vs Writer, Last day i saw your site in google (, … Read more