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How to use of Sticky Notes in Windows 10

How to use Sticky Notes in Windows 10
Most people, it has to be said, are not even aware that Windows 10 comes with Sticky Notes, a simple application that you can use for your daily reminders and note taking. Sticky Notes are great for those that carefully…

Top 10 Security Tools: Best Security Tools

Best security tools for your network
Best Security Tools for Various Operation Systems When it comes to securing your network and system, it’s important to get the best security tools that can be found on the market today. Listed below are the top 10 security tools…

How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 10

disable startup programs windows 10
This short write-up shows you how you can disable startup programs in Windows 10. You may find it necessary to prevent programs from starting up automatically in Windows 10 if you notice your computer beginning to slow down. In order…