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7 Budget Friendly Office Decorating Ideas for Small Businesses

Decorating a place can be very rewarding; be it your home or your workplace. For some people with a knack for the arts, decoration can be downright therapeutic! And you can admire the final result for a long time. The best part is when people come up to you and tell you that you did […]

How to Share an Internet Connection in Windows 10

You are probably here because you have created a hosted network in a bid to turn your computer into a Wireless hotspot. Yet, though your phone and tablet are connected to your newly created network, they do not have internet access. And when you move your cursor to the internet icon to the bottom right […]

Updated: How to Create a Hosted Network in Windows 10

This article looks at how to create a hosted network in Windows 10. The ability to turn a laptop into a wireless hotspot is something that most people find extremely useful. If you have an Ethernet internet connection in your home or office, it’s easy enough for you to benefit from this Windows feature by […]

Hosted Network Common Problems and Solutions

Are you having trouble connecting your devices to your hosted network? If yes, then you have come to the right place. A hosted network can be very useful for sharing internet around your home or office. It allows you to connect all your devices, including phones, tablets and other computers, to the internet via one […]

How to Uninstall Skype Windows 10

Are you looking for information on how to uninstall Skype on Windows 10? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Skype is a video and audio calling application from Microsoft. Of late, it has been facing stiff competition from such platforms as Zoom. To be frank, Skype is good enough. However, if […]

Feature Update to Windows 10 Version Failed to Install Solution

Are you looking for the feature update to Windows 10 version 1803, 1909, 2004, 20H2 failed to install solution? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Quite a number of people encounter the Windows 10 update stuck issue when it comes to installing the latest feature update. This article provides a number […]

About Random Access Memory (RAM)

Random Access Memory is something that you will hear mentioned whenever people talk about computer performance. That’s because RAM, or Memory, is one of the low hanging fruits as far as boosting performance on computers is concerned. So, what is Random Access Memory and how does it work? Why is RAM an important component on […]

How to Close Notifications on Windows 10

Windows notifications are meant to make life easy. However, for most people, they are nothing more than an annoyance. Having messages pop up every now and again, can be trying at the best of times. On top of that, you also get a ding with each message. The good news is that you don’t have […]

How to use the Sniping tool in Windows 10

The Sniping Tool is one of those nifty utilities that are in the Windows Operation System that most people are not even aware of. This is something of a pity, considering how useful this tool can be. So, what is the Sniping Tool? What is the Sniping Tool? The Sniping tool is a great utility […]

RAM Test Windows 10: How to Test Computer Memory

Do you wish to do a RAM test on your Windows 10 computer? Are you worried that your computer’s Memory is not performing as it should? If yes, then you have come to right place. RAM, also referred to as Memory, is one of the most important components on a computer as far as performance […]

7 Tips to help you get the most out of Windows 10

Let’s be frank, if you have been using a computer for any given amount of time, you will probably be able to navigate your way around your new Windows 10 installation. This article is, therefore, not aimed at hand-holding you. In fact, our aim in writing this article is to make life easier by giving […]

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