TelOne Introduces New Broadband Packages

TelOne introduces new broadband packages with increased data

If you are a TelOne customer, then here is something to smile about; the company recently boosted its broadband packages, making it one of the cheapest ways through which Zimbabweans can get connected to the internet. Those who have been following this blog will know that the company used to offer a number of packages, … Read more

How to Reset a TP Link WiFi Router

change the password on a TP link router

TP link appears to be the brand of choice when it comes to WiFi routers. If you have WiFi in your home, chances are high that it’s using a TP Link router. If that is the case, chances are also high that you will wish, at some point in time, to reset the router. This … Read more

How to Dial a Harare Landline Number

How to Dial a Harare Landline Number

TelOne recently introduced new area codes across the country. The new TelOne area codes are something that we talk about in another article. This post focuses specifically on the new Harare TelOne code. Here, in any case, is how to Dial a Harare Landline Number; What’s the new TelOne Area Code for Harare? The new … Read more

TelOne’s ADSL: How good is it?

Is TelOne's ADSL good?

Having used TelOne’s ADSL for a few months, I feel qualified to pass judgement on its performance for the benefit of those who may be considering going down this path. To balance this write-up as much as possible, I have also solicited opinions from a few other people who use the TelOne ADSL offering. Would … Read more

What is TelOne DEOD?

what is telone deod

TelOne DEOD may not have the most imaginative of names, but you get used to it after a while. DEOD was introduced a while back. While it’s clear that it hasn’t been making any waves, DEOD does have takers. And there are lot of curious folks out there, you included, who are wondering what the … Read more

Bulawayo Telone Code

Bulawayo Telone Code

The TelOne code for Bulawayo is 0292. So, if you want to call someone in Zimbabwe’s second largest city, you first dial 0292 followed by the old number. As an example, the number for the City of Bulawayo is; 0292259450. Looking for the distance between Harare and Bulawayo? Find it in the provided link.

TelOne Directory Available Here

telone online directory

Are you looking to TelOne’s online directory? If yes, then click on the button below to get to the TelOne directory. Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible to do the TelOne directory download. So, if you want to check out a number in Harare, Bulawayo or anywhere else, you are going to have to go to … Read more

How to Dial TelOne’s New Area Codes

how to dial TelOne's new area codes

Updated List of TelOne’s Area Codes TelOne introduced, on the 1st of July 2018, new dialing codes across Zimbabwe. This changed the way in which landline numbers are dialed. One of the things that we have noticed is that people have been having challenges using the new Telone area codes. The thing to note is … Read more