Online Plagiarism Checkers are not Accurate

plagiarism checkers are not always accurate

Plagiarism is an ongoing problem, particularly if you are a blog or website owner. One of the things that I have discovered in the short while in which I have been running this blog is that people are notoriously lazy. Instead of writing their own articles, all they want to do is copy things that … Read more

What is Organic Traffic? A definition of “Organic Traffic.”

What is Organic Traffic?

Organic Traffic Definition The term Organic Traffic is one that is used a lot these days, particularly within the confines of Digital Marketing. Talk to Search Engine Optimization experts, as an example, and they are likely to tell you that organic traffic is what you should be angling for, as far as making your site … Read more

Best Permalink Structure for SEO 2020

best permalink structure on WordPress posts

Permalinks are not something that most people think about when they are establishing their blogs or websites. That, more often than not, turns out to be a huge mistake. When I got started blogging on this site 3 years ago, nobody told me about permalinks. As a result, I am pretty much stuck on a … Read more

5 Reasons why you suck at being a blogger

It’s a veritable debacle. You have been producing high quality content for you-no-longer-have-an-idea how long, yet your efforts have been taking you nowhere rather slowly. You have read countless articles on blogging and have implement all the SEO tips that can be found out there. Yet nothing that you do appears to be having an … Read more

5 Foolproof Ways of Growing Traffic to your Website in the year 2020

growing traffic to your website

With the world firmly anchored in 2019, you, as a blogger, may be wondering how you can grow traffic to your website. For most people this is a major preoccupation. Having done everything that you were told to do by all those SEO books that can be found online, you are finally at your wit’s … Read more

Best SEO Tools 2020

The Best SEO Tools in the world

The Best SEO Tools One of the major tasks that awaits you as a blogger is, without a doubt, Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This refers to the actions that you take in order to give your web pages greater visibility on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). At Network Bees, we have put together this great … Read more

What is Nightwatch SEO Tracker?

Nightwatch SEO Tracker review

If you are looking for the world’s most beautiful, yet functional SEO tracker, then you probably wont go wrong with Nightwatch. To those that have been using RankTrackr, Nightwatch comes from the same folks. This article will not waste your time talking about this and that. We challenge you to try out Nightwatch on your … Read more