The Crazy Animal Called Domain Authority

How to boost Domain Authority

The beginner blogger’s biggest enemy If you are a new blogger and have high hopes about taking the world by storm, you need  to, first of all, carefully consider your strategy. That’s because if you are not careful, the boogeyman that’s called domain authority will get you. Should this happen, you will join the ranks … Read more

WordPress 5.0: Gutenberg editor vs the Classic Editor

Gutenberg editor vs the Classic Editor

Perhaps the biggest change that was brought in with the introduction of WordPress 5.0 was the coming into the mainstream of the WordPress Gutenberg editor. Previously, Gutenberg had only been available as a plugin. What is the Gutenberg Editor? The new WordPress Gutenberg Editor introduces the concept of blocks to the creation of WordPress posts. … Read more

What are Keywords in SEO: Keywords Explained

What are Keywords in SEO

The Importance of Keywords in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Although I have been writing articles for this blog for some time; and have been referring to Keywords in almost every article, I have only recently realized that I have never really written a post that is dedicated to the definition of Keywords in SEO. Keywords … Read more

Why Guest Posting is not that Simple

Everything that you need to know about Guest Posting

Guest Posting As a beginner blogger, you will have heard that guest posting is one of the ways through which you can increase your site’s visibility on search engines. The logic behind this is solid enough. Links are an integral part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). They are what allow Search Engine bots to crawl … Read more