Can Zimbabweans Receive Money Through PayPal?

can Zimbabweans receive money through PayPal

Zimbabweans Cannot Receive Money Through PayPal With the country’s currency situation seemingly sliding south by the day, and those bad old days of burning slowly creeping back, the question; “Can Zimbabweans receive money through PayPal?” is one that is being asked more and more often. The answer to the question, no, Zimbabweans cannot receive money … Read more

Is PayPal Available in Zimbabwe?

Is PayPal available in Zimbabwe

Can I Use PayPal in Zimbabwe? This is a question that we asked often by our readers, so we have decided to be brutally honest when answering it. Is it possible for Zimbabweans to use PayPal? Can Zimbabweans receive money from relatives in the diaspora via PayPal? Is PayPal available in Zimbabwe? Here are the … Read more

How to Receive Money via PayPal in Zimbabwe

Receive Money via PayPal in Zimbabwe

A Roundabout Solution For one reason or the other, PayPal remains extremely popular in Zimbabwe, despite the fact that the world’s foremost online payments platform is not available in the country. The question of whether or not PayPal is available in Zimbabwe is one which we are often asked, and the answer, in almost all … Read more

PayPal Alternatives in Zimbabwe

Paypal alternatives in Zimbabwe

How to send money to Zimbabwe without using PayPal PayPal is a hot topic among Zimbabweans, probably because it is not available in the country. Okay, that’s something of an exaggeration. People in Zimbabwe can open PayPal Accounts. What’s more, they can link their local Visa and MasterCard cards to PayPal, which allows them to … Read more

Why Zimbabweans Cannot Receive Money Through PayPal

why Zimbabweans cannot receive money through PayPal

PayPal points finger of blame at the RBZ The following is a letter that I wrote to PayPal concerning the failure by Zimbabweans to receive Money through the program. To those who do not have the background knowledge, although people in Zimbabwe can spend money online using PayPal, it is almost impossible for them to … Read more