eBay vs Amazon vs Aliexpress

best online retailer

When it comes to making online purchases, eBay, Amazon and AliExpress are some of the biggest names that can be found out there. So, which of these platforms is the best place on which you can buy various goods and services over the internet? This article, it has to be said, is based on my … Read more

How to Receive Money via PayPal in Zimbabwe

Receive Money via PayPal in Zimbabwe

A Roundabout Solution For one reason or the other, PayPal remains extremely popular in Zimbabwe, despite the fact that the world’s foremost online payments platform is not available in the country. The question of whether or not PayPal is available in Zimbabwe is one which we are often asked, and the answer, in almost all … Read more

How to Receive Money via Wire Transfer in Zimbabwe

replace an expired Payoneer card

I recently got into a situation where I needed to receive money from the United States. Unfortunately, Zimbabwe’s financial systems are severely constrained. I know, the sanctions debate is rather polarizing. But as an ordinary Zimbabwean who does online work, I can attest to the fact that sanctions have affected me greatly. Indeed, there are … Read more

Payoneer Pending Transactions Explained

Payoneer pending transactions

You may notice, when you go into your Payoneer account, that some of the transactions are listed as pending. So, what are pending transactions in Payoneer? What does it mean when a Payoneer transaction is listed as pending? Here is everything that you need to know about Payoneer pending transactions; Pending Transactions are because Payoneer … Read more

Beware of Spam Payoneer Phishing Emails

Beware of Payoneer Phishing Emails

This article is aimed as a warning to people who use Payoneer to receive online payments. There have recently been an upsurge in Payoneer Phishing Emails, from criminals who clearly want to gain access to people’s Payoneer accounts. If you have been following this blog for any given amount of time, you will be aware … Read more