How to Buy one Fusion Using ECOCASH

Buy NetOne Airtime Using ECOCASH

One Fusion remains one of the most popular products from NetOne. At one time, it was the thing that got droves of people buying NetOne SIM cards in a bid to capitalize on affordable tariffs. Things have since simmered down, however. Yet One Fusion remains popular. NetOne has its own OneMoney mobile money offering, but … Read more

How to Buy NetOne Airtime Using ECOCASH

Buy NetOne Airtime Using ECOCASH

Econet remains the company to beat when it comes to mobile penetration in Zimbabwe. It’s not surprising, therefore, that it’s ECOCASH offering is, by far, the most used mobile money transfer system in Zimbabwe today. Indeed, so popular is the offering that people on other networks are constantly on the hunt for ways in which … Read more

Paynet Suspends Service to Zimbabwean Banks

Paynet Zimbabwe has suspended services to Zimbabwean banks

For the second time this year, Paynet Zimbabwe has suspended service to Zimbabwean banks over non payment of fees. Visit the Paynet website today, and you will notice that all the banks there are marked as suspended. What does this mean? So, what happens when Paynet Zimbabwe suspends service to Zimbabwean banks? Well, it simply … Read more

PayPal Alternatives in Zimbabwe

Paypal alternatives in Zimbabwe

How to send money to Zimbabwe without using PayPal PayPal is a hot topic among Zimbabweans, probably because it is not available in the country. Okay, that’s something of an exaggeration. People in Zimbabwe can open PayPal Accounts. What’s more, they can link their local Visa and MasterCard cards to PayPal, which allows them to … Read more

What to do When you Erroneously Receive Money via ECOCASH

Erroneously Receive Money via ECOCASH

I recently got money in my EcoCash that I suspected had been sent in error. And based on the comments that are floating around on the internet, the issue is rather prevalent. That’s only to be expected, considering that the difference between one phone number and the next is usually a single digit. So what … Read more