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Security Tips to Prevent Fraud on your Bank Cards

The following security tips should help you maintain security on your bank cards at all times. There is really nothing that scares people more than losing their hard earned cash through fraud. Card cloning has recently reared it’s ugly head around the world and you should know how to protect yourself at all times. Know […]

Explaining Zimbabwe’s Money to Someone in the United States

Types of Money in Zimbabwe You have to live in Zimbabwe to understand its complicated money. Tried to explain the types of money in Zimbabwe to a friend in the United States. He didn’t understand a thing….! Cool. I meant Western Union would be the best as it gives people real United States dollars (cash), […]

Worldremit Zimbabwe Rates

How much does it cost to send money to Zimbabwe using WorldRemit? If you are looking to send money to friends and relatives in Zimbabwe via WorldRemit, this article shows you how much it is going to cost you for various amount. Needless to say here that a large number of Zimbabweans survive through the […]

Zimbabwe’s currency craziness disadvantaging foreign VISA, MasterCard card holders

With the holiday season having come and gone, the only thing that’s left for most of us to do is to lick our financial wounds. There is something about Christmas that makes us forget that January comes next, with its array of school fees, bills and other commitments. January disease, as they cleverly call it, […]

Payoneer Pending Transactions Explained

You may notice, when you go into your Payoneer account, that some of the transactions are listed as pending. So, what are pending transactions in Payoneer? What does it mean when a Payoneer transaction is listed as pending? Here is everything that you need to know about Payoneer pending transactions; Pending Transactions are because Payoneer […]

How to Use the Ecocash FCA Wallet

The money that’s in your Ecocash account is nominally denominated in USDs. However, we all know that that’s a mirage. In reality, normal Ecocash accounts carry the much maligned bond notes for which there is a premium on withdrawals. Following the move by the Reserve Bank to separate bond and FC accounts, Ecocash took a […]

How to Transfer Money to Zimbabwe from the Diaspora

Let’s assume that you are in the United Kingdom, or even in Kyrgyzstan, and you wish to send money to relatives in Zimbabwe. How do you go about doing it? How do you send money to Zimbabwe from the diaspora? What are the best options when it comes to sending money to Zimbabwe from the […]

Cheapest Money Transfer Agency: Worldremit vs Western Union

Western Union vs Worldremit: Which is the best money transfer agency? If you are looking to transfer money to any country using one of the popular money transfer agencies that are out there, the question of charges when sending the money will, no doubt, be on the front of your mind. We have previously reviewed […]

Easily Get Paid for Online Work with Payoneer

Receive Online Payments with Payoneer MasterCard The internet has, over the past few years, become one of the best ways through which people across the globe can earn a living. If you have been wondering how you are going to get paid for online work, I have laid out this guide that will set you […]

Mukuru Zimbabwe Contact Details

Are you looking to get in touch with Mukuru Zimbabwe? If yes, then you can use the following contact details to reach out to Mukuru. This article gives you the Mukuru website, email address, phone number and WhatsApp number. You can reach out to Mukuru using these contact details should you encounter a problem when […]

Does PayPal Link to Zimbabwean Banks?

Today, we are going to answer one of the questions that have been floating around out there with regards to using PayPal in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, Zimbabweans will not like the answer. So, does PayPal Link to Zimbabwean Banks? Can you link PayPal to Zimbabwean Banks? The short answer to the above question is no. Zimbabweans […]

Wire Transfer vs Western Union in Zimbabwe

This blog generates a little bit of money every month and I have been on the hunt for the cheapest way through which I can receive it. Recently, I got into a situation where I needed to receive money that I had generated through Google’s AdSense. It wasn’t much, to be frank. My site does […]

You can still use your international Visa and MasterCard cards in Zimbabwe

A few days ago I developed a small situation where I really needed some money but none was forthcoming. You know how it is in Zimbabwe these days. The galling thing about my situation was that though I had exhausted everything in my local cards, I had a bit of money in my Payoneer MasterCard […]

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