How to view 2019 ZIMSEC “O” Level Results Online

The ZIMSEC 2019 “O” Level results are out. This year’s Ordinary Level results were not very far behind 2019 “A” level results.  Now that the ZIMSEC “O” level results have finally been released, it’s time to still your fear, either for yourself or for your son or daughter, and head over to the ZIMSEC results […]

How to View 2019 ZIMSEC “A” Results Online

ZIMSEC recently announced that the November 2019 “A” level results are out. The good news is that the results can now be accessed online. So, if you are one of the candidates that sat for the 2019 November Advanced Level examinations, you can see how you performed using the ZIMSEC online results portal, which has […]

ZIMSEC Closes Online Results Checking Portal

ZIMSEC has just put up a notice on its website announcing that learners who sat for their “O” level Examinations in November 2018 can no longer check their results online. You can see the notice on the screenshot below. This was something on which we speculated a few days ago. What does the closing of the […]

How Technology has Transformed the Education Sector

Education in the Technology Era What would you have done had you had the internet when you went to school twenty or thirty years ago? Broach the subject around people who are old enough, and you are likely to hear lamentations about the laziness of the present generation of students and how, despite the fact […]

The Internet of Crazy Things: IOT and Cyber Attacks

The Internet of Things (IOT), promises to revolutionize the way that we perceive of the world around us. With more and more everyday “things,” coming with internet connectivity, it’s not really surprising that many are already asking whether or not this will leave people open to attacks by cyber criminals. The convergence between IOT and […]

Step by Step Guide to Get ZIMSEC “O” Level Results 2018 Online

How to Quickly Check your ZIMSEC “O” Level Results Online ZIMSEC recently announced that “O” Level 2018 results will now be available online. This is good news for those that sat for their exams in November 2018. If you are one of these candidates, you can easily check your ZIMSEC results online by taking the […]

Are Forex Shortages Behind the Kwese TV Shutdown?

Kwese Shut Down Press Statement The following is a press statement from Econet on the reasons why it has had to give up on it’s Kwese offering. The whole thing is probably going to be greeted angrily by the company’s customers. After investing so much in trying to upstage DSTV, Econet has apparently given up. […]

Zimbabwe bans US Dollars: What are the implications?

Country abolishes multi-currency regime With effect from 24 July 2019, Zimbabweans will no longer be allowed to use foreign currencies when carrying out transactions in the country. The country has been using mostly USDs and Rands since 2009. With the news still filtering in about the reintroduction of the Zimbabwe Dollar (in the form of […]

WhatsApp, Facebook Restored in Zimbabwe

Popular social media platforms, WhatsApp and Facebook are now back following a week of restricted access across Zimbabwe. This will be good news for many in the country who had spend the past several days without the widely used messaging applications. No longer needing a VPN in Zimbabwe Most Zimbabweans had resorted to using VPNs […]

Fake Light Bulbs: The case against cheap Chinese goods.

Fake light bulbs that explode over one’s head Just bought a light bulb from my local supermarket. The thing must have been made in China, because it went out with a bang, a few seconds after I had put it in place. The most annoying thing about the whole saga is that the people in […]

What’s up with Zimbabwe’s financial systems?

Zimbabwe’s financial systems appears to have become overwhelmed over the past few weeks, with transactions either getting lost or not being fully acknowledged. Not so long ago, CBZ customers were caught unawares when varying amounts were deducted from their accounts. What had happened was that CBZ decided to carry out system updates in one form […]

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