Zimbabwe bans US Dollars: What are the implications?

Country abolishes multi-currency regime With effect from 24 July 2019, Zimbabweans will no longer be allowed to use foreign currencies when carrying out transactions in the country. The country has been using mostly USDs and Rands since 2009. With the news still filtering in about the reintroduction of the Zimbabwe Dollar (in the form of … Read more

WhatsApp, Facebook Restored in Zimbabwe

WhatsApp restored in Zimbabwe

Popular social media platforms, WhatsApp and Facebook are now back following a week of restricted access across Zimbabwe. This will be good news for many in the country who had spend the past several days without the widely used messaging applications. No longer needing a VPN in Zimbabwe Most Zimbabweans had resorted to using VPNs … Read more

What’s up with Zimbabwe’s financial systems?

Zimbabwe's financial systems

Zimbabwe’s financial systems appears to have become overwhelmed over the past few weeks, with transactions either getting lost or not being fully acknowledged. Not so long ago, CBZ customers were caught unawares when varying amounts were deducted from their accounts. What had happened was that CBZ decided to carry out system updates in one form … Read more

Sugar Loving Zimbabweans force Coca Cola to Back Down

The great Mazoe scandal continues

The Artificially Sweetened Mazoe Scandal A few weeks ago, we reported that Schweppes Zimbabwe, alongside Coca Cola, had issued a statement trying to defend the fact that a new recipe had been nichodemously introduced for the popular Mazoe line of juices. According to Schweppes, the changes had been necessitated by the need to tackle obesity … Read more

What is Artificial Intelligence and What does it do?

what is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence or Machine Intelligence is something that you will hear talked about often in computer sciences. You will also hear about AI in Science Fiction books, of course. Here, you get robots and spaceships that think and talk like people. Indeed, most of the AI machines in Science Fiction are reputed to have minds … Read more

That High Blood Pressure Thing

high blood pressure

Conversation with Maiguru (my brother’s wife) Me Well… After the BP (high blood pressure) thing, I now run each morning. Or rather, I run on the same spot where I have stacked 2 blocks ezvitinha (bricks) to form stairs. I time myself to run 100 steps in 3 minutes. I also now only eat bananas … Read more

Zimbabwean Passports Expire After How Long?

How long for a Zimbabwean passport to expire

There has recently been an uproar over the failure by the Government of Zimbabwe to deliver on passports. If you visit your nearest passport office in the country, you will bear witness to huge queues. The country has a massive backlog in terms of passport production. At current levels, it will probably take years for … Read more

Mazoe Orange Crush: The Great Sugar Scandal

changes to the Mazoe recipes

Schweppes makes changes to the Mazoe recipes Zimbabweans, who are known for making light of serious situations, have, over the past few days, been complaining following the decision by Schweppes and Coca Cola to replace sugar with artificial sweeteners in its Mazoe products. So serious has the issue become that the two companies were forced … Read more

New Satellite TV Company, Starsat, Unlikely to Break DSTV’s Monopoly in Zimbabwe

Starsat DSTV challenger

Will StarTimes (Starsat) suffer the same fate as DSTV? Excitable Zimbabweans found out over the weekend that a new, Chinese backed Satellite TV offering will, in a few days, be entering the domestic market. This will represent a direct challenge to DSTV. StarTimes will reportedly be launched in the country under the Starsat brand. Will … Read more

Consumer Prices Beginning to fall in Zimbabwe

prices have been falling in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Economy Stabilizing Have just been to the supermarket and, although consumer prices in Zimbabwe are still shockingly high, I did notice a downward trend. There was a time, not so long ago, when it appeared as if the new dispensation was becoming overwhelmed by increases in prices across the board. Even the black market … Read more