Cheapest Money Transfer Agency: Worldremit vs Western Union

Cheapest money transfer agency western union vs worldremit

Western Union vs Worldremit: Which is the best money transfer agency? If you are looking to transfer money to any country using one of the popular money transfer agencies that are out there, the question of charges when sending the money will, no doubt, be on the front of your mind. We have previously reviewed … Read more

Can you Register your NetOne Number on Ecocash?

register your NetOne number on Ecocash

Ecocash is pretty much the place to be when it comes to mobile money transfers in Zimbabwe. Yes, there is also NetOne’s OneFusion, but that only has a minor share of the market. There is also something from Telecel, but that hardly counts. Telecel is, as things stand, tottering on the brink of extinction. Anyway, … Read more

Cash USDs still Available in Zimbabwe for Remittances

Cash USDs still Available in Zimbabwe for Remittances

I know that most of you have been sweating about the fact that Zimbabwe has, over the past year of so, gone from a multi-currency regime to a system that’s pretty much cashless. The transformation has not been without problems. For one thing, prices have increased across pretty much every sector, largely due to the … Read more

Maximum transfer amounts: Western Union vs Worldremit

maximum transfer amounts

How much can you transfer to Zimbabwe using Western Union or Worldremit? If you are looking to transfer money to friends and family in Zimbabwe from the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa and any other country for that matter, you may be wondering how much you are allowed to send in one go. … Read more

Can Zimbabweans Receive Money Through PayPal?

can Zimbabweans receive money through PayPal

Zimbabweans Cannot Receive Money Through PayPal With the country’s currency situation seemingly sliding south by the day, and those bad old days of burning slowly creeping back, the question; “Can Zimbabweans receive money through PayPal?” is one that is being asked more and more often. The answer to the question, no, Zimbabweans cannot receive money … Read more

Moneygram vs Western Union in Pictures

Moneygram vs Western Union

Which is cheaper between Moneygram and Western Union? You may be asking yourself this question while looking to send money to friends and family abroad. Find the answer in the images below. But to summarize; Moneygram tends to be way cheaper than Western Union. That’s true whatever the amount you wish to send wherever. Western … Read more

Zimbabwe’s currency craziness disadvantaging foreign VISA, MasterCard card holders

currency problems in zimbabwe

With the holiday season having come and gone, the only thing that’s left for most of us to do is to lick our financial wounds. There is something about Christmas that makes us forget that January comes next, with its array of school fees, bills and other commitments. January disease, as they cleverly call it, … Read more