That High Blood Pressure Thing

high blood pressure

Conversation with Maiguru (my brother’s wife) Me Well… After the BP (high blood pressure) thing, I now run each morning. Or rather, I run on the same spot where I have stacked 2 blocks ezvitinha (bricks) to form stairs. I time myself to run 100 steps in 3 minutes. I also now only eat bananas … Read more

Confronting high blood pressure

reducing high blood pressure

Confessions of a (former) couch potato I have to confess; I used to pride myself in being one of the most inactive persons on planet earth. That, in any case, was probably one of the few things that I shared with current U.S president Donald Trump. The very idea of getting off the couch used … Read more

How I lost 10 kilograms in 3 months

how to lose 10kgs in 3 months

Okay, this may not sound impressive to some, considering the fact that there are so many articles floating around out there that claim to hold the keys to losing 10kgs in one week. To be frank, when I started on this journey, I didn’t quite know where I was headed. That was mostly because I … Read more

How to deal with a tick bite on a child

How to deal with a tick bite on a child

I recently went through a grueling experience that I though I would share on this blog. On a recent visit to the rural areas, my 4 and a half year old daughter got bitten by a tick. Not really surprising, considering how she thinks dogs and cats are toys. Anyway, in summer, in some parts … Read more

The Eternal Struggle to Remain Healthy

The eternal struggle to Remain Healthy

One of the reasons, if one takes a skeptical view, why there are so many pot bellies floating around out there is because the living has, over the past few years, actually become very good. I know, crazy doctors will tell you that we no longer lead healthy lifestyles, but the fact remains that we … Read more