The Terror Client on Upwork.

Difficult Upwork Client

I recently encountered a situation with one of my clients on Upwork that I thought I should share with my readers. After doing all the work, the client turned around and refused to pay, saying the job had not been done to his satisfaction. That was despite the fact that we had actually been working … Read more

Does PayPal Link to Zimbabwean Banks?

does PayPal Link to Zimbabwean Banks

Today, we are going to answer one of the questions that have been floating around out there with regards to using PayPal in Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, Zimbabweans will not like the answer. So, does PayPal Link to Zimbabwean Banks? Can you link PayPal to Zimbabwean Banks? The short answer to the above question is no. Zimbabweans … Read more

Freelancers Call for Removal of Sanctions on Zimbabwe

removal of sanctions on zimbabwe

How Sanctions have Affected Zimbabwean Freelancers Freelancers across Zimbabwe have welcomed the new dispensation’s move to reengage with the global community in order to have the sanctions that were imposed on the country removed. The move will go a long way in removing some of the impediments that have prevented hundreds of people in the … Read more

Zimbabweans: Here is how to Generate Income Online

Zimbabweans Generate Income Online

Earn a Living Online Through Freelancing Update: This article has partly been overtaken by events. Upwork has since stopped processing payments to Zimbabweans. I learn’t that the hard way after failing to access money for the work that I had done. Some-overzealous-one over there probably decided that because of the sanctions, Zimbabweans could no longer … Read more