How are used Japanese Cars Shipped Around the World?

How are used Japanese Cars Shipped

The moment that you purchase a used Japanese vehicle, Be Forward, or any of the other companies that sell exjaps, begins the process of having it transported to your location. Let’s assume, as an example, that you are in Zimbabwe. How does the car get to you across so many miles of roiling ocean (more … Read more

Checklist for Buying a Used Ex-Jap in Zimbabwe

Checklist for Buying used Japanese Cars

Buying an Ex-Jap that has been abused on Zimbabwe’s roads by Zimbabwean drivers is something that we actively discourage. However, should you have decided to follow this route, instead of buying a “new,” car directly from Japan, there are a number of things that you can do to protect yourself. The first thing that you … Read more

How to Prevent Roadkill: Avoid Roadkill damage

how to avoid roadkill damage

Television wants you to believe that roadkill is something to be celebrated. There is always a show somewhere teaching you how to cook the animals that you accidentally kill while driving on the highway. However, the reality of the matter is that roadkill can be dangerous. When your vehicle collides head-on with a deer, as … Read more

Should you Choose Diesel or Petrol when Buying an Exjap?

diesel vs petrol

The diesel vs petrol question has been around for quite some time. However, when it comes to exjaps, the question becomes even more pertinent. When buying a car from Japan via Be Forward or any of the other popular used Japanese car websites, one of the questions that you are likely to ask yourself is, … Read more

What is Meant by 3rd Party Insurance Cover?

what is 3rd party insurance

Once you have purchased your ex-jap and have had it shipped to Zimbabwe, you will discover that you  need to pay insurance for your car every term. Indeed, all vehicles on Zimbabwe’s roads are mandated to have insurance cover. The most popular form of vehicle insurance cover for motorists in Zimbabwe is what is referred … Read more

Motor Vehicle Registration Requirements in Zimbabwe

Motor Vehicle Registration Requirements in Zimbabwe

Now that your car has arrived in Zimbabwe after the long journey from Japan, you may be wondering about the motor vehicle registration requirements that apply in Zimbabwe. If you are still wondering at what vehicle to buy, check out the stock that’s on Be Forward. You are guaranteed to get whatever it is that … Read more

Best Mileage on a Used Japanese Vehicle

best mileage on a used Japanese Vehicle

Generally speaking, the lower a vehicle’s mileage, the better. You can check out some of the low priced cars that are available on Beforward, one of the top Japanese car exporters, by following the provided link. Now, when it comes to Africa, all things general become complicated, with the result that those that are looking … Read more