How to Use the Ecocash FCA Wallet

The money that’s in your Ecocash account is nominally denominated in USDs. However, we all know that that’s a mirage. In reality, normal Ecocash accounts carry the much maligned bond notes for which there is a premium on withdrawals. Following the move by the Reserve Bank to separate bond and FC accounts, Ecocash took a […]

Basic Ecocash Troubleshooting

How to Deregister from Ecocash There is no option to deregister within the ECOCASH menu. I discovered this when my ECOCASH started giving me issues. It was probably one of those ongoing glitches caused by the recent ECOCASH revamp. And I could probably have waited it out. However, I had just come from getting a […]

How to Transfer Money from FBC to ECOCASH

ECOCASH is, by far, the dominant force as far as mobile money in Zimbabwe is concerned. If you bank with FBC, you may be wondering how to transfer money into ECOCASH. The information that is given here pretty much applies for whatever the bank that you are using in the country. The only thing that’s […]

How to Pay TelOne ADSL using ECOCASH

If you are looking to top up your TelOne ADSL using ECOCASH, then you are going to hit something of a brick wall. For one reason or the other, the option to pay TelOne is not available on the ECOCASH *151# menu. That’s despite the fact that other services, including ZESA, are available. Fortunately, it’s […]

How to Pay Harare City Council Using ECOCASH

The birth of mobile money transfer in Zimbabwe has largely made life a lot easier for the transacting public. One of the uses to which you can use available systems is in the payment of utility bills. If, as an example, you wish to pay TelOne using ECOCASH, this is something that you can easily […]

How to Buy one Fusion Using ECOCASH

One Fusion remains one of the most popular products from NetOne. At one time, it was the thing that got droves of people buying NetOne SIM cards in a bid to capitalize on affordable tariffs. Things have since simmered down, however. Yet One Fusion remains popular. NetOne has its own OneMoney mobile money offering, but […]

How to Buy NetOne Airtime Using ECOCASH

Econet remains the company to beat when it comes to mobile penetration in Zimbabwe. It’s not surprising, therefore, that it’s ECOCASH offering is, by far, the most used mobile money transfer system in Zimbabwe today. Indeed, so popular is the offering that people on other networks are constantly on the hunt for ways in which […]

How to Buy Africom Airtime Using ECOCASH

Africom is one of the companies in the country that offer integrated voice, data and video solutions. To be frank, not many people are aware that Africom has mobile SIM cards. The company is the only one in Zimbabwe that uses the CDMA network. In the USA, companies that similarly do this are Sprint, Verizon. […]

How to buy Telecel airtime using ECOCASH

This is something of an interesting scenario, and I know, if you are a hard core Telecel user, you may feel like you are betraying your network. But is it possible to buy Telecel airtime via ECOCASH? And if yes, how do you go about doing it. Telecel has recently been in the news for […]

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